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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Will The Real Laura Loomer Please Stand Up?

She has about a snowball's chance in hell of winning her particular Florida district anyway, but it's difficult to recognize who the real admittedly "proud islamophobe" Laura Loomer is, based on pictures. 

(Who, by the way,  has been banned from Twitter, Instagram, AND Facebook for spreading false propaganda - not suspended, banned.  It's pretty dang hard to get yourself actually banned from Facebook, I might add - you may recall Mark Zuckerburg has flat out refused to even place a warning label on things, forget about actually suspending/banning people.  So WTH did she do? Whatever it was, it must've been pretty hateful fake news). 

Speaking of fake, let's compare. 

Here are real, unphotoshopped/unfiltered pictures of her ...

In fact, she could pass for of Arab descent herself,  but she's not - she's Jewish (Zionist).

Now, take a look at Trump's Twitter page today, featuring articles from Breitbart and others ... the top one is the only one that even remotely looks like her - the others look like virtual reality, they're so photoshopped! LOL 

Yes, believe it or not - they are all supposed to be the same person! LOL.

I mean, she was already attractive, but just like that, overnight, she's lost 60 pounds, and her double chin, big nose, big jaw, big chin, unibrow, forehead divot, and smile wrinkles are gone, and her eyes are a completely different color!?! LOL.

Erm - shouldn't that be a big clue to you that with Trumpers, there's a grip-on-reality problem and that nothing is at it appears/is fraudulent advertising - everything is sleight of hand/smoke and mirrors?

Oh, that's right, I forgot - they're okay with false claims, being fraudulent, and cheating ;)

Well, the one thing you can say about our Democrat women is no surprises/sleight of hand here, they're real - what you see is what you get :)

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