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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

PS - My Apologies, I've Needed to Heavily Edit The Post Below. Here's Why ...

... because I asked my husband to read it, since it was about the news clip on the 9,000 Chromebooks for students that haven't arrived at FCPS, and I edited it in parts, upon his request: 

"If he didn't expressly state it in that small video news clip, take it out - even though it's 100% true, even though your readers could easily find that information by watching prior video recordings of televised school board meetings, and even though it's just common district knowledge that everyone in the district knows because it's been repeatedly discussed at non-private meetings, because even though not private, they still weren't televised and we're not 100% sure if there was a public press release on it."

"Even with your freakishly good memory, unless we're 100% sure it was issued in public press release, neither of us has the time to go read back to every FCPS press release since March, and watch every board meeting since last March, so take it out."

True - so I did :)

However, I did leave in the bit about the school's budget not yet being cut or touched, however, because even though that's not expressly stated in the clip, that information can be easily found at FCPS's budget page, comparing this year's budget to last year's budget, and years prior :)

The May 2020 budget plan that FCPS is currently operating under matches the same amount as last year's approved budget plan, though it has yet to be officially approved, hopefully at the end of September after reassessment of financial needs - and though there's been a shifting of funds, note the overall amount is the same. 

I also left in the part about despite the CIO's excuse, in that clip, "back-ordering" is not the full, real reason almost 9,000 Chromebooks aren't here yet, for the students. (More on that below, but I can't tell you what the reason actually is, and didn't in the first draft, either ;)

Lastly, I left in the part about this issue being one of the many reasons why my husband left the Department of Technology at FCPS and took a position with the FCPS Data Team by mid-July - because he'd tell you himself lol

Now, I hate to edit anything that much, because I know it looks fishy - so in case you doubt me, think about it for a second  ...

1)   I posted the link to my post from March 11th in the post below, regarding my husband's concerns of not having enough laptops for the kids, either back then OR by the fall, in the post below. 

2)  My husband moved from the Technology Department to the Data Team in mid-July. 

3)  FCPS administration - and the public - didn't find out about not having 9,000 new Chromebooks for the students until yesterday, the day before first day of school -  and all hell broke loose to the degree it made local news, just as we predicted. 

See whatta mean?   :)

The point of both of these posts being - it's not backordering problems, it's not a bureaucracy/government problem, and it's not a budget-cut problem - it's something else - that may or may not be partially political - office political, national political, and/or both  - take your best guess ;) 

On a brighter note, my husband totally digs the Data Team - I am SO glad he made the switch, he's so much happier  :) 


P.S. - I have also added to post below this link to our local newpaper's article on Lexington Catholic High School's decision to send the students home immediately, shut down, and move to online classes after COVID outbreak. 

This is relevant to the post, because in the video news clip below, the statement made by Fayette County Public School's CIO/DIT to the press revealed his support for in-person learning, despite our elected school board representatives voting unanimously for remote learning (with a reassessment in October), as well as Governor Beshear requesting that all schools to wait until September 28th for in-person classes. 

Lexington Catholic High School, as a private school, chose to have in-person classes anyway, so of course there was an outbreak - and 7 of them were students :(


May  I just add, here, that I cannot WAIT until this election is over, and especially until Trump is out of office, in the hopes that people stop all this conspiracy nonsense that has put people's lives at risk, and start making sense again.  

I'm actually almost disappointed that the the 6-foot diameter asteroid, 2018 VP1, only has a 0.04% chance of hitting earth the day before the election and ending all this nonsense lol

Seriously - I've seen ordinary, normal people become increasingly paranoid, whack jobs, over the last 4 years - distrustful of everyone and everything - simply because Trump told them to be.   

Like a true psychopath, though Trump condemns the drama and chaos that he, himself, creates, he appears to actually enjoy it -  fanning the flames of fear, hatred, distrust, paranoia, and polarization, just to try to win himself an election - which is how I am 100% certain that God, Christ, NOR the Holy Spirit would ever support Trump.  

But I don't hate Trump, nor do I even fear him ... because that is what he wants ... and it would mean I'd be catching that contagious disease of hatred myself.

However, I do think he has, and would continue to, bring out the worst in Americans, instead of the best. 

And have you noticed how we don't hear anything anymore about our "enemies" and "foreign terrorists" in America anymore?

Not because they're afraid of Trump, he's a joke to most of the rest of the world - but because they don't need to - our enemies are now just sitting back with some popcorn, like, "Great job, keep going, Trump - you Americans will tear yourselves apart, soon enough."


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