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The Identity of the Kenosha Shooting Victims of Kyle Rittenhouse

(*Posted edited/updated with more information as it comes in, still shots of who is who in the video. Also, Anthony Huber's name has been corrected.)

I gotta say - I know a lot has happened, in the world, in the last 24 hours - include the Japanese PM stepping down and the march forming in Washington - but other than that, Trump always runs his big, fat, socially irresponsible mouth, and most front pages are filled with that again.

So I can't understand why these developments and new evidence weren't on the front page of more national newspapers and international newspapers, this morning? 

Seems most have already moved on, which is a shame - it's very telltale of the reality of these issues, versus political narratives. 

Two of the three shooting victims died immediately from gunshot wounds fired by Kyle - and they are Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26. 

The third victim, Gaige Grosskreutz, also age 26, was shot in the arm, but survived. 

Now - there is some question online about Joseph's background possibly being a sex offender, as well as Gaige having a former burglary charge.

However, I'm reminded of Steve Gallant and John Crilly - two ex-cons/murderers/felons in the U.K., who - along with civil servant, Darryn Frost - were able to take down and subdue a knife-wielding terrorist, after he stabbed several people, feigning having a bomb on London bridge - with a narwhal tusk and a water hose, until police arrived, in November 2019 :)

So are they heroes or not?  

Well, it's more complicated than that.

Because if you ask the families of their former victims, they'd say no.

But if you asked the people around them on the bridge that day, they'd say yes. 

If these backgrounds are true about Gaige and Joseph, I am NOT excusing either's background - but stories like these, and the London Bridge terrorist incident - prove that no one is beyond redemption.

Even the 2 men in London, convicted murderers - who actually took lives, then went to prison and paid their debt to society - were later able to prove that they also had the capacity to actually risk their own lives, to save lives,  as well  :)

Speaking of Christ and redemption, Anthony Huber, on the other hand, had no criminal record - and was known to all as sweet, loving young man, willing to lay down his life for the sake of others. 

In particular, Anthony Huber showed remarkable bravery -  AFTER the shooting had already begun - in fact, I think he's the biggest hero of this sad story ...

In fact, I can't help but think of Jesus when I look at this young man's soft eyes and sweet countenance - and the pictures from the shooting -  as well as John 15:13:  

Because what pictures/videos we have thus far  tells us the timeline of story. 

Apparently, Kyle was creeping around their neighborhood - which apparently (?) he did not live in, himself - with an assault rifle, despite it being illegal for a teenager to possess, or even be holding.

Joseph appears to be the first to notice Kyle - both that he didn't belong in their neighborhood and that he was carrying an assault rifle - so he calls him out, yelling at him, to draw attention to him - which is when bystanders began filming.

He begins yelling at Kyle to get the F out of their neighborhood, go away.

BTW, I'm not going to share the most graphic stills of the event, but you can can clearly see it's a plastic bag in Joseph's right hand (rust-colored shirt) -  NOT a molotav cocktail, like right-wing press said.

(FYI, the yellow backpack seen in the bottom-left corner of the screen is Anthony Huber.)

In fact, you can also see Anthony a few moments later, right behind Joseph, when bystanders say that Kyle started mouthing back at Joseph, and other men of the neighborhood group began to stand behind and join in with Joseph, yelling at Kyle to go away, take his assault rifle and leave their neighborhood, they don't want him there    ... 

Kyle retreats across the street to the boarded-up gas station, but continues to hang/creep around.

So Joseph walks over to Kyle, at the boarded-up gas station - perhaps thinking he's going to call the kid's bluff (?) - and to make sure he was leaving their neighborhood, instead of continuing to hang/creep around - continuously yelling at him to get the F out of there, go away.

Then Joseph throws the plastic bag at him.

(Clearly, there wasn't a weapon or anything too heavy or dangerous in the bag, or Joseph would've pulled it out and used it, rather than just throwing the bag at Kyle - which of course wasn't on fire/didn't detonate after he threw it, either, because you can see it on the ground later.)

Kyle then shoots Joseph - at least 4 shots were fired. 

Kyle then calls the police from his cell phone, saying he just shot and killed someone, and his location - which you can actually hear him do, on one of the videos. 

(This photo is not of Kyle, but of the plastic bag Joseph threw, still in front of the gas station where Joseph was shot, and the bystanders beginning to tail Kyle after shooting Joseph, fearing an active shooter.)

Kyle then runs up ahead, to stalk behind  the protesters that were actually marching - was he perhaps trying to blend in with the marchers/appear to be one of them for safety from the bystanders?

Regardless, the bystanders that witnessed Joseph's murder knew police were busy elsewhere and might be awhile  - so they begin stalking him to be sure he didn't hurt anyone else before police arrived - mostly parallel to him, from across the street - with the exception of just a couple of brave witnesses on the same side of the street as Kyle (as the above photo shows). 

A few minutes later, other videos show the most famous images the world has seen - where Kyle trips and falls, and those tailing him take the opportunity to rush in to tackle him, trying to get the gun away, fearing an active shooter ... 

However, they begin running away when he starts aiming, with the exception of  this unidentified person, who delivered a kick to the gun, trying to knock it out of Kyle's hands, but Kyle was able to hold onto it. 

Now, Gaige Grosskreutz approaches him - with his hands up to show he's not a threat, telling him to calm down, trying to reassure him it's going to be okay, but he's going to take the gun away - and tries to take it away, unsuccessfully -  which instead ends with Gaige being shot in the arm. 

Anthony Huber sees Gaige go towards Kyle, and Anthony's girlfriend, Hannah, says he pushed her away, yelled "GO! Run! RUN!" to her and everyone around him.

Anthony rolls in -  on his skateboard - after Joseph had already been shot, and just as Kyle shot Gaige Grosskreutz (the survivor) in the arm.

That's Anthony, jumping off his skateboard, on the right ...

Gaige is shot in the arm and down, so Anthony tries to stop Kyle - armed with nothing BUT that skateboard - beating him repeatedly with it ... 

... but Kyle was able to grab and position the assault rifle enough to shoot again ...  

... shooting and killing Anthony  (now on the ground, yellow backpack) ... and continued to aim to shoot others ... 

... until the police finally arrive, when he drops his weapon to let it fall (still attached to the sling  around his back/chest) and holds up his hands to surrender. 

IMO, Anthony Huber showed TREMENDOUS bravery - AFTER the shooting began. 

Anthony is survived by his girlfriend and young daughter. 


In fact, I'm crying - tears are literally streaming down my face, for Anthony, as I write this and post these pictures, it's so sad :(

Now - if you saw some young kid that didn't live in your neighborhood, creeping around with an assault rifle - illegal to carry at age 17 -  whom you just saw shoot your unarmed neighbor, with your own eyes, who'd done nothing more than yell for him to get out of there and throw a plastic bag - now stalking behind the backs of marchers - what would YOU think?

You know you'd think the same thing - that he was an active shooter preparing for attack; or at the very least, a panicked-and-therefore-dangerous kid with a gun  - because we all know that incidents particularly involving teenagers with assault rifles as active shooters  have increased exponentially over the past 4 years. 

IMO, despite their questionable backgrounds, when it came to this incident - Gaige, Joseph, and Anthony were the heroes, here - not Kyle, as right-wing press is painting it - particularly Tucker Carlson on Fox News.  

Because they were trying to protect their friends and their neighborhood from what they believed to be a potential active shooter/domestic terrorist.

I'm sorry that many others haven't said it, but - thank you, Anthony and Joseph, for laying down your lives for your friends - and to Gaige as well, for being willing to - including trying at first to reason with the kid  :(

Yes - this is a big fat, morally complicated, confusing mess, I'll give you that - and it's sad all the way around, for all involved.

And I know that the shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, was only 17 years old, which is also sad, so I actually feel sorry for him too, to some extent - and I mostly blame the parents and the alt-righters around him for brainwashing the kid.

For example, whomever THIS idiot is - Kyle's inbred, redneck special friend - who is a full-grown adult civilian ... 

... an adult idiot who had to know that it was illegal for a 17-year-old to be carrying an assault weapon, but nevertheless, creeped around other people's neighborhoods he didn't belong in, right alongside Kyle, with an assault rifle, earlier that evening.

(I don't know, but whomever sold him or gave a 17-year-old that gun is in a world of sh*t, too.)  

I also lay partial blame on Trump himself - with his socially irresponsible, fear-mongering propaganda, fanning the flames of crazy conspiracies, and lying about all protesters being violent thugs and anarchists, who want to tear down America.

(Kyle Rittenhouse at Trump's Iowa rally.)

(Kyle's own video of the event, posted on TikTok, January 31, 2020.)

Nevertheless, despite Kyle's youth and his inappropriate influences, -  or what his true intentions were, or what he imagined himself "protecting"and doing  - Kyle Rittenouse IS a murderer -  and he could conceivably legally be considered an active shooter/domestic terrorist.

It's ironic that he idolizes the police, when he essentially didn't trust them enough to do their job and in their ability to handle the crowd, and took the law in his own hands  :(..

For more info on the shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, now charged on six counts, to include illegally possessing and discharging a firearm underage and homicide - and proven a Trump supporter - see two posts below. 

But like I said, no one is beyond redemption, if they seek it - and I can only hope and pray for Kyle that he will take the consequences and turn his life around, too. 

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