Thursday, August 20, 2020

AND ... Federal Judge Orders Trump to Turn Over His Tax Returns: WOW, That's a Grand Slam!

So ... yesterday, we had Obama's first-ever anti-Trump speech, which sent Trump into a Twitter temper-tantrum, all-caps tizzy - I consider that a home run. 

Then this morning, the State of Michigan has agreed to compensate the residents/victims of Flint, Michigan, with $600 million, for contaminated water, which led to lead poisoning, Legionnaire's disease, and the death of several residents, after a reroute of water sources, in effort to save money, instituted by the then-governor, Rick Snyder. (Rick Snyder has yet to be prosecuted - wait for it ;)

Then, Bannon is arrested for donation fraud.

Then, we learned that the Cincinnati Reds announcer, Thom Brennaman - son of 45-year Reds announcer, Marty Brennaman - was suspended for on-air hate speech against both the LGBTQ community and the entire city of Kansas City (? - see below post).

And this 4th hit brings it home, for a Grand-Slam play -  a federal judge just ruled that Trump must turn over his tax returns. 


That's a grand slam!  And it's only the first inning of this game today!?!

I'm not waiting for the seventh-inning stretch, I'm getting my peanuts, popcorn, and cracker jacks NOW, because this is getting good!

Go Dems!  Go Team Blue! 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - 2020 is the year we Dems finally learned to stop being tolerant of deception, dishonesty, dysinformation, and divisiveness, as well as certain types of socially irresponsible free speech and actions.

 2020 is the year we learned to get tough and fight back - and we did so without resorting to stooping to the same deplorable levels :)

So now, in the recently uttered (but already immortal) words of Michigan's new Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer ...

(Okay, yes, "shark week" was officially last week, but Gretchen official announced it as shark week politically, this week, giving it a whole new meaning lol.)

For those who don't know Gretchen - which my husband does, after sitting in on Michigan Board of Education meetings in his previously life in Detroit  - she is simultaneously both tough and hilarious :)

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