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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Praying for Louisiana ...

Almost 15 years ago to the day, just three days shy  (Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005), another historic hurricane hits Louisiana. 

Hurricane Laura was a Category 4 when it made landfall, but the good news is, Cameron was not in a well populated area in southwest Louisiana, fairly distant from New Orleans and other major cities; however, several oil rigs there. 

Thus far, however, it appears less damaging and has been downgraded to a 2 - but it's often the storm surge and levies not holding, later, that causes most of the damage, so keep praying - hitting the city of Lake Charles now.   

Last thing anyone needs, there - still a hot spot for COVID.  

You may think you were hit hard by COVID, but can you imagine a Category 4 hurricane on top of being a hot spot for COVID?  

Here is the front page of NOLA.com (the Times-Picayune and The Advocate newspapers in New Orleans) mentioning both  ...

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