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Saturday, August 15, 2020

What's Happening in Belarus Is Possible - Even Likely - in the U.S. in November: Because Is There Much Difference Between Lukashenko and Trump?

In fact, do the protests in Belarus look that different from the BLM protests in the U.S. already?

For those not following the story in Belarus, essentially, their "elected President," Lukashenko has essentially ruled Belarus, in what has been called the "Last European dictatorship" since 1994.  Like Putin, he claims 80% to 90% of the popular vote, but independent polls showing otherwise have become illegal. 

Last week, an election was held, where Lukashenko won again - the country roared with mass public protests and outcry that the election was rigged and that Lukashenko had quoted impossible figures.

As even Fox News reported,  the protests were largely peaceful (although there are always some strays in the crowd that aren't, regardless of the political side of the protest), but were met with tear gas, police brutality, and one protester was killed. 

Now, what I find interesting is that Fox News admits the Belarusian protesters were mostly peaceful and met with police brutality - but then lies for Trump about the BLM protesters.

Because the majority of protests in America were peaceful, with  a few stray pockets of looting and shooting in certain cities.

There are always rogues misbehaving in protests, regardless of political side - and this time, there was a notable difference with police approach used too.  

For example, here in Lexington, the police didn't wear riot gear, hugged, and even knelt with them - and thus we had no violence save two rogue protesters.

Mostly, the small pockets of lootings and shootings happened in Chicago, Atlanta, with a temporary autostate created in Seattle.

However, Trump inexplicably sent federal agents to Portland, of all places - not because they were  the most violent, but because that city is the most liberal in America/most anti-Trump - simply as a show of authoritarian force ;)

I guess Fox News thinks we're that stupid - that if they report international news correctly, we'll trust their domestic news about U.S. protests - when in fact, it reveals exactly the opposite - their blatant hypocrisy about the majority of BLM protests being peaceful, met with police brutality in the U.S.

Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, with Trump's admitted withholding of aid, which will result in a slowdown of U.S. mail and mail-in voting during COVID - essentially admittedly sabotaging an election - there's no difference - and we could see the same thing here in the U.S. that we are watching happen in Belarus in November.

At that point, if Trump has assured his own win via admitted U.S. Mail fund-withholding sabotage - will you call us "peaceful protesters met with police brutality" - like you are those protesters in Belarus, Fox News and Trumpers? 

Or will you continue to advocate for Lukashenkoan-like lies from Trump and press and call us "violent thugs" for protesting a serial-cheating president who has already admittedly tried to sabotage the election?

If you are automatically labeling ALL protesters "thugs" because you don't agree with them - or lumping all of them in with a few that didn't behave themselves - then you are not patriotic, you are feeding the authoritarian-government-style political beast that created them. 

Too much nationalism and authoritarianism inevitably lead to violence - every single time in world history - because authoritarian dictatorship, regardless of fascist (extreme right) or communist (extreme left extremisim) - is violent by its very nature.

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