Sunday, August 23, 2020

Yellowstone Finale ...

So ... I was about to call this whole season a disappointing, boring lackluster wash, until literally the last 5 minutes of the final episode.  I mean, there's always a slow build to this show, and I kept waiting for it to pick up - but they waited until the last 5 minutes of the finale?

And even still, it's essentially just an updated version of the whole "Who Shot J.R." Dallas Scenario, which was predictable about 30 minutes into the episode.

The only twist was that someone would try to take out not just John, but the whole family - John, Beth, and even Kayce - all at once - which appears to be John Dutton's son, Jamie (even though Kayce was always kind to Jamie?).

Of course, we don't know who lived and who died, yet - and they do give a few hints that other people could be responsible, of course - but Jamie's response when Rip tells them he can't get a hold of anyone, was "Rip, I don't think you should call me anymore"  - as if he already knew.  Either that, or he just didn't care.

I got to say, even after this season finale, after last season's final three episodes, which proved this show deserved to be 2020's best summer show, I'm still left going ... "Meh, this show has devolved into a soap opera - it's got the same plotline now as Dallas did in the 1980s, it's "Dallas 2020."

Come on, Taylor Sheridan - we know you can write better than this, we've seen it - and hope to see it again next season.  We'll still be watching it to see if you can, though :)

Thus, the series winner thus far for 2020 for writing, acting, directing, and lack of predictability?

Hands down, it's still Ozark :)

Ozark is one of those rare shows that actually just keeps getting better and better as it goes along, rather than "Oh, we've got a hit, now what do we do?  Well, we can write anything, any old, tired plot, and people will watch," 

And then stops trying lol. Ya know, like Yellowstone did, this season (ouch, but true) :)

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