Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Taking the Bait? Guilty - But No "Howling" or Lectures Today :)


... just some of my stereotypical sassy sarcasm :)

Let me first just say that part of the impetus for my reply is that today marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which granted women the right to vote - to have a voice in the decisions our government makes,

This was also the impetus for my first post, this morning, writing about Dolly Parton's Billboard Magazine interview, in which the previously apolitical Dolly came forward to publicly support the BLM protesters :)

Thus, I knew better than to look around on social media today, because with the advent of this, combined with being just after the first day of DNC convention, I knew non-Democrats would be in a foul mood, and I knew they would spoil my inspired mood - and yet like an idiot, I did anyway and took some bait ;)

As I said in the P.S, on my second attempt to post my reply, forgive me if this posts twice elsewhere, we're having internet connectivity issues today.   (Since Mark's move to the data team, we have four laptops going, downloading some data from programs, at the moment, and that often drops connection).

Regardless, here's a screen shot of it before I posted it, because often times, the actual blog owner (not the commenter I'm replying to) refuses to allow it through, and later "creatively interprets" what I actually said ;) ...

I put it all in one paragraph because it wouldn't fit in the screen shot ;) ...

However, I spaced it out into paragraphs before hitting "submit" ...

If you're still having trouble reading it via screen shot, a copy is just below these paragraphs in yellow in regular type. 

It's a response to a comment dissecting women down to  body parts - after the blog owner requested his male readers to choose their preference between women's bodies and faces.   

Now, it is a misconception by some men that we women don't like to be complimented on physical attractiveness, of course we do - we DO still like to please our men.

However, there's a difference between being complimented and being dissected down to body parts, and valued only for those parts.  

No human being likes to have their teeth and hindquarters checked like horses or cattle, or like slaves were, right? 

All throughout the Gospels, Christ made clear that he valued us women for so much more than the sum of our body parts - he valued our minds, our voices, our hearts, our souls, as well our contributions to families and society ;)

Here is the reply in regular text ...

"Nope, no howling at the bait (as if comments even politely disagreeing are allowed here :)  However, I am curious - where in the gospels can this be found? ;)
Because yesterday, you wrote: "But 'Believe' means 'What you live you life by.'  That is a whole-person, mind, heart, gut, emotion, 'search'.  It is daily.  It is ongoing.  We sometimes reach far and fail, but the eye is on the ball."
So ... is this what you truly believe/live by daily or are we having a fail day?  Hoping for the latter - we all have them :)

I don't know why I even still look sometimes - I rarely read the actual posts, just scan the comments lol.

Wait, yes, I do - first and foremost, to get a heads up on a particular commenter (also mentioned in my sidebar) who lives to harass me and a few others.

Secondly, to see what the other political side is saying, considering only right-wingers are allowed at the site now; though as I said, it's a rarity if I even read the actual posts.

Third, for a laugh at all the crazy conspiracies there, now, especially by one particular commenter.  

Lastly, because there are just a couple of more infrequent commenters and friends in whom I'm still interested in what they have to say :)

As far as this particular commenter that I'm replying to, I guess I view him like the Apostle Paul - when he is focused on the love of Christ and grace of God, there's no better author and orator.  

Unfortunately, however,  99% of the time, when he comments, it's about women - both positively and negatively, to be fair - but still, he at least appears to be overly focused on women the majority of the time.

So when either this commenter  - OR the Apostle Paul - start going on about following OT Law, reproductive/gender issues, and women in a negative way - instead of the teachings of Christ  - it makes my uterus hurt -  more than it already does, with a fibroid lol. 

All of this to say, I'm sorry I ever looked and took the bait in the first place, and won't be going back today.  

Whatever he replies with, I'll likely be fine with - probably. lol

Because unlike the actual blog owner, though this commenter can sometimes be crass and a smart ass (which I am guilty of myself, for the other side of politics) - neither of us are ever cruel. I hope lol  :)

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