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Does the Original, Uncut, Body-Cam K9 Search of the Watts Home Reveal Paranormal Activity? Maybe/Maybe Not

I actually saw this video about a year ago, after rumors were circulating that the cops themselves noted paranormal activity during the original K9 search for Shanann, Cici, and Bella (before Chris admitted to their murders, and actually let the police and K9 team in, while he went outside, pleading to the media for their safe return).

Now, because I had a couple of experiences in my life that were difficult to explain, I'm sort of an amateur ghost-hunter, looking for explanations - but most of these ghost videos online are easily faked.

Thus, I refused to watch the ones marked  things like "Haunted Watts House" etc., at first, for this reason - PLUS - I didn't want to be swayed by power of suggestion or sneaky post-film editing/CGI, so I found and watched the entire, original, uncut body cam footage of the entire search of the home to see if I noticed anything without being influenced. 

Keep in mind, the home has been completely cleared before the K9 team enters (and you can watch police first do a quick search of the house and verify it's "all clear" before the dog enters, in this video) - only the dog, the handler, and the videographer are inside the home. 

I didn't see/hear anything unusual, at first watch - EXCEPT  - when the dog handler and videographer enter  Shanann's office, and the dog goes straight for the closet. 

The K9 handler enters behind the dog  - then at 23:44, you clearly hear a little girl giggle - it's unmistakable.

It obviously wasn't added in later by the online jokers because this is the original uncut video (note it says nothing about paranormal activity)  - and the K9 handler and the police videographer obviously both heard it as it happened.  

Keep in mind, at this point, they didn't yet know Shanann and the girls were dead - only that they were missing. 

K9 Handler (to the videographer): "Oh my gosh - what in the world was THAT? Go in there and step on that blue thing (revealed later to be a flat folder full of papers) and see if you can ..." 


Videographer: "Yeah. It sounded like a kid toy .." 


K9 Handler: "Yeah, it sorta sounds like it. 


Videographer: "Something. There was a ... I heard it." 


K9 Handler: "Did you hear it?" 


Videographer: "I did."


K9 Handler:  "It sounded like a kid giggling or something, didn't it?" 


Videographer: "It did."


K9 Handler:  "'Cause all he did was go straight in there. Well, that was strange. We're making note of that."


Videographer:  "I heard it. I definitely heard the same thing you did. "

Now, here's what's interesting  ...

1)  First, the trained search dog's "excited" reaction of panting and tail-wagging, rather than his training to bark:  
Note when he's heading straight for that closet, he suddenly loudly pants excitedly, wagging his tail.  This isn't training, it's a natural behavior for dogs, when they see something they like, like when they're greeting another dog or a human or see something they're interested in (like  food.)  
*However, remember - he's trained to ignore all distraction, even food when "on the job" looking for evidence, barking loudly when he finds a scent they're looking for (as you'll hear him do, particularly in the basement, at the expense of your eardrums) - and THEN he is rewarded with a treat or pat on the head. 

2)  The handler's reaction when she hears it:  
She freezes, stops in her tracks.  She appears visibly slightly rattled, and though she nervously laughs about it when the videographer suggests it's a toy, note how quickly she jets out of that closet to go with the dog lol - she's clearly a little spooked and doesn't seem too convinced it was a toy. 

3)  The videographer now goes in and films herself pilfering through and shaking down everything, trying to find a way to trigger that sound, but is unable to.  
She shows the "blue thing" the handler stepped on is just a flat blue folder full of papers - no toys in or underneath it.  She steps on it and the surrounding objects -  none of which are toys - and no giggle.
She sees a child's clear backpack hanging low on some shelves and pilfers through it, finding a small plastic doll and couple of small, plastic "Happy Meal" type toys in it.  She shakes and rattles them to see if she can recreate the noise.  One of the "Happy Meal" type toys (not the doll)  has a bell you can ring, but otherwise, no noise at all - definitely no giggle.   (And btw, no food to cause the dog's excited/interested reaction, either.) 

So, here were/are my thoughts: 

"Okay, we can rule out a hoax or prank, because we saw police clear the house first, and this was the official police search video. We can rule out sound added post-filming, because they both heard it live, on film, and the handler appeared genuinely freaked out."

"That leaves just 2 possibilities, that at least I can think of:


"The first is the most likely - there was a toy the dog triggered by sniffing around that they either didn't find when searching, or the ones they did find in the backpack, had low batteries; therefore, they couldn't trigger it again."


"The last possibility I can think of - which if you combine the dog's excitement reaction rather than barking, the handler's "spooked" reaction, and their inability to recreate the sound - is that this one does carry a possibility of really being paranormal; if so, it's quite possibly the best evidence I've ever seen."

"The paranormal theory that animals and children see paranormal, we adults can only hear it. So ... is it possible the dog actually saw Cici's spirit, panted excitedly and wagged his tail to greet her (as dogs tend to do when greeting humans), and then Cici giggled at the dog? Because I admit, that's exactly what the order of events seems like. Coincidence?"

BTW, this isn't paranormal, but note how the search dog shows his training when goes nuts with barking in the basement, as well as how the basement window was strangely covered up with a dark-green plastic garbage bag and tape - which was extremely odd, to say the least. 

Otherwise, the "giggle"  was the only thing I noticed I couldn't explain on first watch.

Since then, there have been other videos slowing things down and narrating/pointing them out for you - things I did notice in rewatching the original uncut version, but attributed to logical explanations, and I'm still not convinced after the slow-downs. 

Especially the supposed EVP catches - i.e. "I'm with CiCi" etc.

I actually wonder if they weren't added in post filming because I never heard them on the original, even after relistening several times.

The child's giggle, however, clearly wasn't added later, because even the handler and videographer heard it.

For example,  I saw the dark-haired "grey" lady with what appeared to be shoulder-length hair in the mirror in the living room the first go round, and at first I thought: "Who was that, I thought there were only 2 in the house now?" - but I ultimately concluded even though the videographer is dark blonde, it was her  reflection.   

Because note that how the mirror's edges bevel/angle down on the sides, so even though she's not standing directly in front of it, the angle could still catch her reflection when standing to the side of it - and considering she's dark blonde and no lights were on, just natural light in a darker room - her hair just appeared darker that it is :)

Also, what has been construed as a little girl coming down the stairs, upon the K9 handler's second entry into the home (before she ascends the stairs) is not well defined and it looks more like a digitization smudge to me -  which happens on body cameras and iPhones around the periphery of the scope of the film. 

In fact, if you'll notice, every time the camera pans upstairs, there's a sort of smudge, there, that appears to "move" - and I think it's a lighting/digitization thing at that angle. 

Also note that things like bicycle spokes, hubcap spokes, and staircase balusters (the "spokes" of a stair railing) tend to look smudgy and actually can appear to "move," when panning a camera around too fast in digital video.

This happens especially when it's on the periphery of a "fishbowl" type of camera lens, such as a body cam - there's no movement, it just appears that way, when moving a camera fast with digital film/fishbowl types of lenses - and that's what I think explains this :)

Forgive my choice of the "narrated" and slowed-down videos - "King Frostmare" is the cheesiest/fakest of all the YouTube paranormal people, he throws anything up, nearly daily - but he did somehow manage to fumble into getting all the EVPs that people have claimed they heard in the original, into one video).

 As for the EVPs, I did hear that "hum" that everyone's talking about, in the living room, but I still think it's the dog handler or the videographer, just saying "hmm" because Chris clearly wasn't acting like someone who couldn't find their wife and kids (he was too smiley and calm).

As if this entire situation wasn't creepy enough, this is the only "possible paranormal" aspect that literally gave me chills -  Shannan's last FB post, verified by Shannan's family, friends, and authorities - 3 days before their murders. 

Note it's a 3-foot-tall doll, her face and body covered by a Twister-game plastic sheet with her feet hanging out, as if she's dead in a morgue - Shanann was sent the photo by Chris, who took the photo after claiming the girls did it - and she wasn't sure what to make of it.  

Shanann's body was discovered covered in a bedsheet - exactly like that.

Even after his confession, he continues to maintain that wasn't a threat.  Though he sent Shanann the photo, the girls did this of their own accord while playing, which genuinely freaked him out, like, "Do they know what's going through my  head?" That's why he sent it to Shanann, to ask her to explain, but she couldn't. 

(Who knows if it's true, because he's a chronic pathological liar - but I hope that part IS true - and I hope all of it haunts you for life, Mother F*@#&%!) 

For those who don't know the story, it's gruesome, the details of it make me physically sick, and the entire thing disturbs me greatly, so I don't want to go into those details here, but you can read about it here. 

In fact, I have a hard time posting this picture of them and even looking at it without tearing up - what those poor little innocents must've thought/felt/gone through at the time :(

However, it's also reference photo for what they looked like for some of the more visible things supposedly seen/heard in the above videos, as well as show you that sociopaths and murderers aren't always the creepy loner type that keeps to him/herself in the corner lot - sometimes they're the smiling, affable, white upper-middle-class guy or girl next door. 

The short story is, after claiming his pregnant wife and two daughters were missing and pleading for their safe return to local news, he failed a polygraph test and eventually led police to the bodies (stuffed in oil drums in shallow graves near his work.)  

He initially first claimed they were kidnapped, then that Shanann killed the girls in a jealous rage over his mistress, and he killed her in anger - but curiously, had no answer for police/FBI when asked, if that were true, why he'd dispose of the bodies of his little girls in such a brutal, gruesome manner in oil barrels and shallow graves, rather than a proper burial.

After the bodies were found, the evidence from the type of injuries pointed to Chris's hand-grip width and strength (they were strangled/smothered) instead of Shanann.

He later admitted while in prison he killed them all (communicated to the public via his lawyers) after "finding God."  

Apparently, he initially killed Shanann, saying he snapped after they argued (though investigators say it was premeditated or at least he'd been toying with the idea already).  

Though living in a $500K home, they were in debt up their eyeballs with another child on the way, plus he had just told her that he didn't love her anymore, and that was leaving her for his mistress(Nichol Kessinger), and when the girls entered the room and witnessed the tail end of murdering their mother, he killed them :(

It is amazing to me that many people - both men and women - still believe such an obvious sociopath - charming, but devoid of appropriate emotion, except when exposed or caught - and continue to maintain past all reason that Shanann murdered "Chris's children" in a jealous rage and he killed Shanann out of rage.

(Really - and then he disposed of his own children in a gruesome manner in an oil barrel, instead of a proper burial? And this is normal and makes sense to you?)

However, just in case you're one of the doubters - because our society likes to find a way to blame women for everything, and refuses to believe the good-looking, clean-cut, smiling white man could've ever done something like this ...

... might I recommend also watching the other cops' body cam videos, when they arrived on the scene, revealing an overly calm Chris (who should be frantic), but him get nervous at the wrong times - i.e. - their neighbor asks Chris and the police to come over to watch his home security video attached, stating maybe there's something on it that will help - which eventually does reveal Chris leaving the home in the wee hours of the morning (which the neighbor didn't know contradicted what Chris had just told police).

After Chris leaves the room, even the neighbor points out to police "He's not acting right ... did y'all notice that?"

And if nothing else, watch the tapes of the FBI interrogating him, and then leave him alone to talk to his father (which is when he initially blamed Shannan, an idea he clearly got just moments earlier from the FBI agent, who essentially handed it to him as an excuse, trying to play "good cop" and give him a life preserver; because up until that point, he denied everything and they already knew that that wasn't true.  

Note the only 2 times he becomes emotional isn't due to worry/grief about Shannan, his little girls, or his unborn child, but instead when he:

1) Realizes people at work are going to find out he's being detained/questioned (sociopaths/narcissists fear nothing but exposure; in fact, this is often the only time sociopaths/narcissists will resort to murder, out of fear of exposure)

2) Is trying to evoke sympathy from his Dad (which in my opinion, he actually did a terrible acting job/dry-eyed crying/forced).

Now, I don't normally watch "true crime" stuff, it's just not my thing. However, this entire story has just been so shockingly bizarre and unusual, to include the "paranormal" aspects.  

It's captivated us, almost as if we all already knew there was something weirdly spiritual (and not in a good way) about this entire situation, from the moment we heard the news - and as time goes on, it never fails to disappoint us - it just gets weirder and weirder. 

By the way, besides the neighbors calling 911 over a "dark-haired female prowler" wandering the property in the months following the crime (they wondered if it was either the mistress, Nichol, or true crime fan), the home has been up for auction/sale and taken down several times without explanation.

Anyway, apparently the top 5 internet ghostie enthusiasts - Nuke's Top Five, Slapped Ham, Sir Spooks, Chills, and Top 5's finally became aware of this video just over the past few weeks, because all of them are now featuring  it lol.

Speaking of the above, I sometimes watch them, because they sometimes feature something interesting, but it's rare.  

In fact, the past couple of years or so, they've been scraping the bottom of the barrel and are clearly fake.

First of all, I always wonder why they're filming during that time. Like, "Why are you filming while driving down a dark country road at 3 in the morning anyway - who does that? Oh, and a ghost just happens to jump out in the road, rrrright." lol

And I'm SO sick of the Grudge Girl videos ... 

... and the "The Ring/Well Girl" videos ...

...  whatever you want to call  the white nightgown/dark hair over her face girl.

In fact, if I see one more, I'm going to go to fly over to Japan, Southeast Asia, and India myself and say "WE GET IT, YOU'RE AWESOME WITH TECHNOLOGY - ENOUGH WITH THE RING/GRUDGE GIRL GHOST THING, I'M SICK OF HER, ALREADY! loL."

I see her so much, if she really existed and actually showed up, I wouldn't be scared, I'd roll my eyes and take her to the salon for a haircut and shopping for a new look instead, because ... damn, she has worn that white nightgown/hair in her face look OUT!

But, I digress - because I'd say out of all the videos I've seen, there are maybe a good 5 that are difficult to explain - and the Watts home video one of them (at least that "giggle" moment).  That's not to say they are paranormal, but they'd be difficult to fake or explain. 

PS - Don't waste your time watching the second house search, filmed at night, when Chris was already in custody, and neighbors called the police to report the garage lights being on and a "dark-haired female prowler" wandering around the property - there is nothing on this video at all.

Despite narrations pointing out stuff, I am 99.9% sure there is nothing legitimately on there.  

In fact, the only thing that's weird about that video is the fact that police responded to separate, legitimate neighbor calls to 911 that the Watts garage light was inexplicably on, and a dark-haired female (Shannan?) could be seen wandering on the premise - and by the time police arrived, the garage light was off again, they found no one, and neighbors watching to see if the prowler left never saw the dark-haired "prowler" leave. 

The narrated ones point stuff out that's supposed to be paranormal, but it's not - because,  I'm sorry that's a floor lamp (which you can see when they go back in the LR).   

Also, that digital smudge at the top of the stairs is visible again.  I guess it could be paranormal, but the fact that it is in the same spot nearly every time would be odd for true paranormal activity. 

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