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Monday, August 24, 2020

Video: Unarmed Jacob Blake Shot in the Back 4x by White Cops in Wisconsin. (Also, An Update on Lexington's Fayette Mall Shooting)

This happened yesterday in Wenosha, here's the video.

No, he shouldn't have walked away from police, but his three sons were in the hot car with the windows up.

Regardless, that is not an excuse to shoot an unarmed man in the back in front of his three young sons. 

Police are trained to subdue people without using a gun, and without putting someone in a knee choke-hold.

Jacob Blake is miraculously still alive, but in serious condition.

Now, the RNC is going to focus on "getting tougher on lawlessness," complaining that the DNC didn't mention it.

But the thing is, this sort of police brutality itself is lawless, and nothing is done.

This is NOT a competition between which race is more criminal and violent, blacks or whites - and if you're presenting things this way, then yes - you ARE racist. 

All "Black Lives Matter" means is that we have already focused on crimes only against whites for too long, while continuing to completely ignore the beating, shooting, and killing of unarmed, often innocent black men by law enforcement. 

If that truth makes you feel uncomfortable, that is YOUR problem.

And the simple fact of the matter is, if the "lawlessness" of cops playing both judge and jury by beating, shooting, and killing unarmed black men would stop, there wouldn't be any protests, riots, etc. 

(In fact, to this day, Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel "Uncle Tom" Cameron, has still done nothing about his promised investigation of the Breonna Taylor incident - he's too busy wasting taxpayer money by suing Governor Beshear over wearing masks and other trivial matters, for his wealthy white Kentucky Republican overlords.)  

This sh*t has been going on silently for years - so what do you recommend people do to get rid of the lawlessness by bad cops?

Now there are also some GREAT cops I'm proud to know, and they come in all colors - white, black, brown, Latino, Asian, Native American.

They would never even think of pulling their guns, and instead use their training.

For example, good cops like Lexington Police Chief, Lawrence Weathers, featured on this video - whom we know personally - who just yesterday, was able to respond quickly and stop the shooter at Fayette Mall. 

(It was not an active shooter - the three people shot were suspected to be already known personally by the shooter.) One of the victims, Ken Bottoms, died this morning :(

But there are other cops too quick to pull that gun and use it instead of other training - and it happens more often than not to black men.

Lawlessness and violence begets more lawlessness and violence - but the POTUS has tear-gassed even peaceful protesters, lumping them all into the "thugs and rioters" box, unfairly.

He has ignored the fact that the majority of protests (including here in Lexington) were peaceful, as well as sent federal agents to an American city that was largely protesting peacefully, instead of cities that had actual looting/riot problems, simply as a political show of force (Portland is the most liberal city in America, and not even on the top 100 most dangerous cities in America). 

So what do you suggest to solve the problem of our ignoring lawless cops, who are killing unarmed black men, for far too long?

Otherwise, despite more Republicans like former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Charlie Dent coming out and endorsing Biden, I feel a dark cloud forming - so it's likely radio silence this week. 

Despite Biden's entire message o "light up the darkness," and Michelle Obama's speech talking about how many good people there actually are in America - and all the positive personal stories told during the DNC - Brayden Harrington, Jacqueline Brittany, Ady Barkan - Trump has painted the DNC as "cynical" and "doom and gloom anyway -  because he knows his followers didn't even watch it. 

But during this next few days, when the Republicans have their say - which unlike Trumpers did for the DNC, I WILL be watching to be fair (as much of it as I can stomach)  - I want you keep your eye on the ball, by asking yourselves these questions:

1)    Are you personally better off 4 years later than you were when Trump was elected? 

2)   Does Trump bring out the best in you personally or the worst? 

Related, but bigger and more important than just you ...

3)  Is America better off now than it was 4 years ago?

4) Does Trump bring out the best in America, or does Trump bring out the worst in America; and further, does he even try to find common ground and unify or further polarize and divide?

5)   What do you propose we do about the lawlessness of white police that are beating and killing predominantly unarmed black men, as if they are both judge and jury, in America, that has been ignored for far too long?  

Until then, take care. 

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