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Monday, August 31, 2020

Oh, What Fresh Hell is THIS? lol

Update - 9/1/2020:  Since this post was written, Trump shockingly defended 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse by saying "I guess he was in trouble, he probably would've been killed."

Of course that's what you would think -  if the only video you'd seen was the one with people running after him (which is the only one certain conservative press is showing)  - but there are more -  which are what police used to make the charges.

To include one prior to that event, where you can partially hear Kyle call the police on himself, saying, "I just shot someone" after shooting Joe, but before being chased, when Gaige and Anthony were shot.  

Trump either hasn't seen those videos or he has, but is denying,  for political reasons.

"Law and order" my ass - and how exactly are you supporting police by undermining their own criminal charges filed against Kyle Rittenhouse, of reckless endangerment, unlawful possession of a firearm, and homicide?

But I digress - in all seriousness now, like I said, spending the next day or so in prayer.  Because defending breaking the law and defending murder for just one political side, over politics is a whole new level of sickness and immorality. 

I still believe people "jumped the gun," quite literally, in Kenosha - Kyle thinking he was dealing with potential rioters and them thinking he was an active shooter - Trump is only condemning/defending one side to win an election?

But if nothing else,  that untrained child had no business carrying an assault rifle into a strange neighborhood - nor shooting his first unarmed victim - BEFORE HE WAS CHASED - simply because he yelled at him to leave and threw a plastic bag.

I always thought Trump's followers would never turn from him unless they actually saw him shoot someone himself - unless there was murder involved.

Well, this is close enough - but it still doesn't matter :(

So I'm afraid like never before.

I'm afraid of what people will look past, justify, and do, just so their party wins elections - even murder?

I'm afraid because remember that Hitler was able to convince an entire country, using propaganda, that the Jews were out to take over and do them harm, but it wasn't true - in fact, it was projection of his/their own motivations -THEY wanted to take over and do harm - and then the atrocities they did, or overlooked, out of this belief. 

Is that happening here? 

It's pretty close - literally like a severely dysfunctional family or even a cult believing propaganda - or like Nazi propaganda.

God help us ... this is wrong, grossly immoral, and sick ... and the fact that people are believing it based on what Trump said and only seeing the one video only is frightening. 
But you are a God of justice, truth, and mercy - despite people believing rumors without proof, not caring about facts, I believe that though it may take some time, years perhaps - the truth will come out.
In the name of the father, the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,



First of all, I have removed all but one of these self-purported Christian brothers and sisters from my reader and bookmarks, but I decided to return, through my history cache, to leave this reply to the Brit-Turned-Australian - in the off chance he was just being sarcastic, or perhaps he wasn't aware that Kyle wasn't attacked until AFTER he'd already shot Joseph Rosenbaum.

My comment ...

"Not sure what info you're getting in Australia, but Kyle wasn't "attacked" until after he'd shot Joseph Rosenbaum (for yelling at him to get out of their neighborhood, carrying an assault rifle illegally, then throwing a plastic bag).


AND - I don't care if it's never published, and later word-twisted again - that only proves how dishonest and divisive modern "conservatives" have become.

Even Kenosha PD has released public statements corroborating that Kyle shot Joe before people tackled him, as well as that it was Kyle who called Kenosha PD after he shot Joe, but before he shot Gaige in the arm and shot and killed Anthony.

I can't tell whether you're being sarcastic, you're that uninformed about what happened in Kenosha in Australia, you're that deep in denial about someone sharing your politics being capable of doing something like this, or you think you're fooling anyone, with this 
"Kyle was an innocent victim, just minding his own business walking down the street, when he was viciously attacked" nonsense - because it's COMPLETE BULLSHIT. 

If you're not joking/being sarcastic, I hope you DO realize that though Trumpers don't agree with us about what's causing the increased unrest and violence in America - or perhaps even the Jacob Blake incident - they DO agree with us that the Kenosha/Kyle Rittenhouse shooting situation was tragic all the way around, on both sides.

In fact, even most American Trumpers will tell you that those still holding onto this "innocent-hero Kyle" perspective - especially after Kenosha police corroborated the timeline - are only the most delusional, morally-depraved, mentally effed up, white-supremacist, "overthrow the government," violent far-right-fringe whack jobs that they have in their voting base, much like we Democrats view Anti-Fa.

But TBH, I don't care what you meant - it's easy to joke about/judge when it's not happening in your country - and you don't have all the information and don't care to find out, as long as it supports what you already want to believe - isn't it?

This subject is far too critical and sensitive to be brought up as an afterthought joke, during an already oddly-focused discussion about "women and neighborhood safety" - which was clearly just a transparent distraction from what happened in Kenosha - instead of addressing, discussing, or even taking a look at the underlying issues causing the current unrest and violence in our neighborhoods - racial and political tension and frustration - which Trump is only making worse!

However, we all know y'all will never do that - because it goes against Trump's narratives that all protesters are "violent thugs," and his warped sense of "law and order," and you've proven yourselves repeatedly to be incapable of independent, critical, or even original thought, needing to be spoon fed what to think about everything from other people, swallowing even toxic sewage without even the slightest hesitation, if someone from the political right told you to.

Plus, you wouldn't have a scapegoat to blame for these problems anymore, and then you'd have to take a look at yourselves - and then y'all would have to admit the rise in "violence in our streets" is the direct result of being at an all time frustration level of having a double-standard justice system based on race, poverty, lack of opportunity, and economic deprivation - one in which our cops have denied them the constitutional right to due process of law, pronouncing themselves both judge and jury, taking the lives of predominantly black men on the spot!

Regardless, quite frankly, I'm tired of making excuses for the Brit-Now-Australian, apologizing for "misunderstanding" him or "over-reacting" - when sometimes, what he's saying IS socially irresponsible and downright nasty.

Not to mention, HE overreacts based on only half the information (or dysinformation) - even if he didn't this time (but I suspect he did, and thus my comment).

For example, the "it's not all about a pretty face, some men like tits and ass" comment evaluating the worth of women based on physical appearance only, just a couple of weeks ago.

Or commenting about the minister from Harry and Megan's wedding as "stopped just short of going full on black retard preacher."

Or that "the Qu'ran says to kill all infidels," when it doesn't - and though Jesus isn't considered the son of God, in Islam, he IS considered a prophet, and anyone could cherry pick our bible and twist it to say the same?

No - I did NOT "misunderstand" those comments - and those things would never even be a part of Christ's thought process, let alone come out of Christ's mouth!

Not helping this perception is the fact that he continues to support and enable a known dishonest propagandist.

If he didn't, then there'd be less chance that anyone would "misunderstand" him, based on the company he chooses to keep!

So nope, like I said - I'm done trying to understand him, done making "trauma" excuses for him, and done apologizing for my misunderstanding him.

It's way past time for him to take some responsibility, for a change, and be held accountable - for both the nastiness that sometimes comes out of his mouth as well as the company he enables and keeps!

And upon my return to leave that comment, just in case he didn't know/was being sarcastic- what fresh hell is THIS, pray tell? Lol

Are you kidding me? 


The most upsetting thing you people can find in that thread was the point being made about "women shouldn't go out alone?"

Of course that's effed up, but we know already know that guy is effed up, especially when it comes to women! 

Could you really not see the entire post was a red-herring distraction from what actually happened with Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha not fitting his political narrative, being that all shooters and victims were all white and the dead were lefties?

(This is also why Trump has never mentioned the Kenosha shootings at all, but hopped on the Portland killing right away, mind you ;) 

And sorry, I'm a woman, too - but it's not all about me and MY safety.

And why IS it always women's fault/responsibility to prevent men from getting violent and to protect ourselves from violent and/or perverted men who lack any semblance of self-control?

Regardless, what does any of that have to do with the most pressing issue - which is why a bunch of male idiots with guns are killing each other with assault rifles in our streets, grabbing a gun as their first and only idea of "conflict resolution?!?"

I don't even understand why the discussion is even about women going out alone, on the heels of what happened between a bunch of men in Kenosha!

And by the way, I'd bet you 100 bucks that if Kyle was black, Mexican, or Muslim, the same people making a victim/hero out of Kyle would change their story real quick, now wouldn't they? ;)

And therein lies the problem and proof that the reason people are protesting has merit - the double-standard justice system and morality that we have, based on race.

At this point, I am at my quota - literally sick to my stomach with the kind of stuff I'm reading from Christians: Your "suspension" of morality in favor of yourselves and your over-privileged, out-of-touch-with-reality concerns only for for yourselves, showing mercy only to yourselves, and making only yourselves the victims.

In short, your political propaganda to win elections has gone too far - people are getting killed!

And yet you blame everyone else for the resulting violence from it but yourselves and make yourselves the victim of every situation!

I am sick to death of your BS, fellow Christians - allowing your political narrative to outweigh your conscience, your morality, and Christ himself.

It literally grieves my spirit an my soul to see Christians supporting and enabling such darkness :(

You guys want people to be more "merciful" towards white Christian males - yet you, yourselves, show no mercy - you have none to give to anyone, besides people who don't look, think, and believe exactly like you :(

Well, you know what Christ had to say about THAT in Matthew 18, don't you, merciless servants?

So in addition to removing my reader entries and bookmarks last night (with the exception of one dear friend from there), I have cleared the cache history and do not know the names of the domain websites.

However, I WILL add that the one dear friend currently does have me scratching my head, at the moment, about why she would address one delusional statement, but left alone the worse delusional statement made about a 17-year-old being viciously attacked, as if he was innocently just walking down the street?

Perhaps just because it was found in a statement that somewhat supported her point the lack of safety regardless of gender -  or perhaps she thought he was being sarcastic, that's all I can think of - and yet it's still out of balance?

However, I'm quite sure I make her scratch her head too, when I get out of balance, at times, but that's what friends do for each other, who love each other - disagree, or scratch their heads - with love :)

Regardless, again - with her being literally the only exception - I won't be returning to this little group of self-purported "Christians" - ever again.

I actually will also be taking mini-break from blogging, right now, just for a day or so - because the merciless attitudes people are taking over Kenosha - refusing to address, confront, or even take a look at the underlying issues causing the current unrest - is some dark-hearted shit - perhaps the darkest I've seen yet since Trump was elected.

Mostly, it's a prayer break, for a day or so - because our nation, and our world, is very morally confused and very sick - and NOT in the way that many Christians think we are!!!

In fact, many of my fellow Christians seem the most morally confused out of anyone, about what issues should upset most Christians according to scripture VS. their politics.

In fact, mark my words - not only will time prove you're on (or enabling) the wrong side of history, but the wrong side of Christ's warnings in scripture as well.


PS - FYI - you know the Trump tweet today, claiming he was ahead of Biden by 2 points?

More misleading, deception and lies :)

Real Clear Politics is the most trusted polling aggregator that even the politicians use themselves.

As you can see, he's only quoting the conservative publication's poll, where he gained 2 points:)

However, when aggregated with the other Michigan polls - both a Democratic publication and an independent one - Biden gained 10 points overall - and Biden is still ahead in Michigan by 3 points overall LOL.

Not that polls matter, considering what 2016 taught us - or that any of his voters will research that, because, like I said, they don't look at anything that doesn't support what they already want to believe ;)

Like I said, morally depraved, liars, cheats, cons, and power abusers  support/enable/love other morally depraved, liars, cheats, cons and power abused - and that's the best explanation I can find for continued support of Trump and his BS.

So if you're hanging out regularly with them - not to counsel them in love, as Christ did his worst-of-sinner disciples - but to actually enable their dark hearts and motives, never openly condemning the darkness - no one should be faulted for "misunderstanding" you and judging you by the company you keep ;)

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