Monday, August 17, 2020

PS - As Predicted, Fox News Changed That Video: Fox News - America's Greatest Gaslighters LOL ;)

As I wrote in my post earl this morning, at the time I posted, the video showed no such thing. 

I just now checked back through that link I posted below at 8:37 p.m. - and as suspected, they have since changed the video.

I suspected they might do so, they've done it many times before - without ever mentioning they had done so - plus modern right-wing deception has become predictable ;)

However, the new video still begins after the man allegedly tried to crash his car into protesters and was told to sit down and wait for police, and does not show what immediately preceded/provoked the man to try to beat him supposedly moments later.

It DOES show a man trying to kick the man and people trying to hold him back.

Again, I am NOT condoning the beating of anyone - and I do recognize that sometimes groups of frenzied mobs abuse power on  innocent people, often the most vulnerable people - that was the entire point of Lord of the Flies.  

However, this particular incident did not make sense, at least as it was told by right-wing press. 

I do not appreciate the deception consistently exhibited by Fox News. nor the presumed ignorance and stupidity of their viewers/readers.

And the thing is, if their readers/watchers are smart enough to notice, they don't care - they imagine themselves in a "civil war" with Democrats and that they are justified, because "all is fair in war."  

If you're a Christian, I'm certain our Lord actually doesn't see us Democrats the way you do - he knows that most of what you say about us isn't true :/

Fox News, America's greatest gaslighters: "You cannot trust your perception - your own eyes, ears, and thoughts, they're not reliable. Trust us instead, we're reliable. What happened is what we tell you happened - and if you don't, then something's wrong with you - you're crazy and/or evil, too."

Otherwise, getting ready to watch people that make sense - the historical DNC virtual Convention, featuring guest speakers Michelle Obama (LOVE her) and even former Ohio REPUBLICAN governor and 2016 presidential candidate, John Kasich, who will endorse Biden publicly.

Additionally, three more Republicans have joined lineup to speak and endorse Biden.  These people are lifelong, card-carrying Republicans - and are still Republicans - who simply believe in putting their country and American lives and livelihoods above themselves and their own careers and above the almighty dollar, and with the the hope to restore basic human decency in the White House.

Thus, I do believe this is unheard of, ladies and gentlemen, so this DNC convention will be historic in more ways than just being virtual. 

C'mon, Dems, let's do this - don't try to win over Republicans, just keep focusing on unifying us within the Democratic Party.

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