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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

P.S. - That's Right, Trump ....

... per Trump's new tweet - Kamala did go after Biden for his former policies on the '94 crime bill and things said and done in white privilege/racial ignorance.

However, that should let you know just how racist and horrible for this country she thinks YOU are, that's she's willing to pair up with him  - to get rid of you, clean and exorcise the house,  and really drain the corporate-controlled political swamp - which includes you and always has :)

And the thing is, Biden admits his mistakes - that's commendable.  

You should try it sometime?  :)

Kamala's in da houuuuuusse!

This makes me so happy! :) 

I love it, real men, secure men, adore Kamala - only man babies are scared of her and perceive her as a threat lol. 

I guess some men aren't strong and secure enough to handle strong women - they prefer the fake ego-stroke manipulation, being lied to ;)

Whatever - there's nothing to be scared of with Kamala, silly rabbits!

Kamala's actually very kind, very warm, and very diplomatic - UNLESS - you're doing stuff you know you're not supposed to be doing anyway, playing games - then she won't play, she has no time for you.

It is at that point, she will tell you, in no uncertain terms, where to go -  and don't try to play that victim card, then - because when Kamala takes the gloves off and comes at you, you know you deserved it ;)

I have loved Kamala from the beginning, but I wasn't sure if America was ready for a strong, direct-communicating woman - - but that was before George Floyd and Trump's strange reaction - America is SO done playing games with you, Trump :) 

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