Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What The ? Aurora Police Do It Again ...

Again, another one that makes me cry, every time I see it.  Same police department as Elijah McClain - Aurora, Colorado.  

A "mistaken-identify" stop - which included ordering a 6-year-old little girl down on the ground.  


Even if they were guilty of something - which they weren't - forcing a 6-year-old child to lay down on the ground?!?

They didn't handcuff the mom so she could comfort the child - just the kids (?) - and why is that 6-year-old baby down on the ground, crying/screaming, having no idea what's going on, absolutely terrified?!?

I just want to reach in that video, pick that sweet baby up and hold her :(

Why didn't a single one of you 5 officers - and 2 of you were women - pick up that sweet, innocent, terrified baby and comfort/reassure her ?!?

What the hell is WRONG with you?!?

You know that's wrong.

Even if it's she's there because she didn't want to leave her mother, then sit down on the effing ground with them both and help comfort her!?!

But in fact, why were they on the ground and handcuffed in the first place?!?

They didn't resist arrest, nor should they have ever been arrested - you had proof of nothing - because you had the wrong person.

Oh, Bravo, great job, Aurora cops - forcing an innocent mother and  children into submission, instilling in them a lifelong terror and distrust of the police - how proud you must be!

You had an opportunity to show that child that the police are there to serve and protect her, uphold the law as her friend - but instead you chose to instill in her a lifelong terror for/distrust for the police?!?

There are plenty of good cops who would never do such a thing -   but there are also plenty of bad ones, who take due process into their own subjective hands, who just need to go, it's way past time for this sh*t to end.

Nope, the public apology is not enough - we do NOT need police officers like that on any police force, anywhere, sorry. 

The good news is, the City of Aurora had just hired a new police chief that was to be announced that day.

An apology is a good start, but seriously - forcing a 6-year-old baby down on the ground, terrorizing her, whether the mother is guilty or not - which again, she wasn't - should be immediate grounds for dismissal. 

Just "letting it go" for years hasn't worked, ignoring it hasn't worked, voting hasn't worked, press and video coverage haven't worked - even peaceful protesting hasn't worked (because even peaceful protesters get tear-gassed and thrown in the "they're all thugs" box - so what would you recommend for solving this problem? 

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