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Friday, August 28, 2020

PS - Video Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Was Encouraged by Kenosha Police Before the Shooting: Given Water, Thanked, and High-Fived

So ... the Kenosha Police Department not only did not care - but actually encouraged - an untrained 17-year-old with an illegal assault rifle, who later that same evening went on to shoot 3 unarmed people, killing two of them. 

The officers gave , thanked, and high-fived Kyle and others for their "protection" just hours before he shot two unarmed men - and was released and got to go home on the same night he was arrested for homicide.

Meanwhile, until 3 hours ago, Jacob Blake was handcuffed by the ankle to his bed in ICU, despite being paralyzed from the waist down, after being unarmed and shot in the back 7 times by police officers (see video of the Jacob Blake shooting HERE.)  

Kyle Rittenhouse is now facing 6 charges, included two counts of homicide - but he is at home with family.

As I said below, there are many who are partially responsible for what 17-year-old Kyle did that should be on trial, right along with him.

That now includes not only the Kenosha police officers that shot Jacob Blake, but the adult civilian men who gave him the assault rifle -  despite knowing it was illegal for a 17-year-old to carry - but the Kenosha PD officers who encouraged the kid to carry around an assault rifle illegally, without training, into neighborhoods he didn't belong.

Now to be fair, not all law enforcement was on board with encouraging Kyle beforehand.

Kenosha County Sheriff, David Beth - said he was called the day of the shooting and asked why he didn't deputize citizens who have guns to come out an patrol the city of Kenosha - and he believes it was someone from the group Rittenhouse belonged to.

Sherriff Beth told them, "Oh, hell no."

He said this is the perfect reason why he would never do that, because things like this happen.  

Because they are not properly trained and become a further liability for law enforcement. 

Thank God at least one person in law enforcement in Kenosha who at least appears to be sane. 

Regardless, as of yet, nothing has been done about police officers that actually encouraged the 17-year-old kid illegally holding an assault weapon.

And of course, Rittenhouse's hero, President Trump, is partially responsible and should also be on trial with Kyle, for irresponsibly pushing the propaganda that all protesters are thugs and anarchists that want to 'tear down America and do us harm'  - saying absolutely nothing about this incident, though he talks about "lawlessness in the streets."

Jacob Blake's father, Jacob Blake, Sr. confirmed on CNN's New Day that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have called him, but he's not heard a word from Trump, and added that if Trump did it now, it's because people told him to, not because he wanted to - so it wouldn't be coming from his heart. 

“It’s two justice systems.  That 17-year-old Caucasian shot and killed two people and blew another man’s arm off on his way back to Antioch, Illinois. He got to go home. They gave that guy water and a high-five ..." 
"My son got ICU and paralyzed from the waist down (and shackled to the bed by the ankle with handcuffs, despite now being paralyzed from the waist down)." 
Those are the two justice systems, right in front of you.”

It's true, America - it's true. And you know it's true. And it's wrong.  And you also know it's morally wrong.

Fellow Christians, I don't know what you're telling yourselves, to justify your support and enabling Rittenhouse, certain cops, Trump, ignoring the justice double-standard that clearly exists in our society -  because your doing so cannot be found anywhere in our bible - especially in the words of Christ. 

And that is why tens of thousands of people are descending upon Washington D.C., right now, for a civil rights "Get Your Knee Off My Neck" march.

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