Tuesday, June 30, 2020

So Amy McGrath Just Won The Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate in KY, Facing Off With Mitch McConnell in November

... and as I said in this post -  I would've been happy with either Amy McGrath or Charles Booker :)

I think either McGrath or Booker would do a great job, and somebody, anybody, KO Moscow Mitch McConnell - please.

Having said that, though Booker won Lexington and Louisville, I personally voted for Amy - NOT because I actually preferred Amy to Charles - but because I was thinking long game - meaning I thought she had a better chance at winning against McConnell, in this state.

Also, I felt she had more national/international education and experience, to include a Master's in foreign policy, and a marine  advisor to the Pentagon and U.S. Rep Susan Davis, along with her fighter-pilot military experience. 

Having said that, I was a bit disappointed in Charles Booker portraying Amy McGrath as "Pro-Trump," when that's just not true - far from it.   We shouldn't be playing Trump's word-twisting/falsehood games to win elections :/

What he used for the basis of this claim was:

1) She said that she would vote for any law she felt was best for this country over politics. 
When asked if that included laws instigated by Trump, and she said she would evaluate them and if she felt they were, then she said, "Yes."

2) She once insinuated McConnell stopped prescription-drug legislation that Trump had initially endorsed that she said might've helped the opioid crisis.  
Her intent was to instigate questions to McConnell on why he helped block that bill, but it ended up being used against her by Booker to mean "Pro-Trump," which was NOT her intent or meaning.

Neither mean that she is "pro-Trump."

What it DOES mean is that her strategy is the same as Democrat Governor Andy Beshear's strategy was, which was: Never let the word "Trump" come out of your mouth. Address policies, not people - other than your direct opponent.

It's just super smart - and exactly how Democrat Andy Beshear won, in this red state ;)

To those who respond by saying of Booker's mischaracterization of to say "Well, that's politics" - wrong, it doesn't have to be. 

We shouldn't have to stoop to playing Trump's word-twisting and spewing falsehoods game and personal attacks to win -  Andy Beshear already proved it can be done.

And to her credit, Amy never said one negative word about Booker in return, just her actual opponent McConnell - and she still won the Dem primary :)

However, again - I DO expect to see great things from Charles Booker someday in the future - I just think he needs to get more experience under his belt and on his resume, as well as not stoop to Trump's word-twisting/falsehoods to win - and when he does, he will be an unstoppable force :)

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