Thursday, June 4, 2020

Erm - What You Need to Know About That TRACE Amount of Fentanyl

(Updated with a PS - because our US Senator, Rand Paul, just voted "No" on making lynching a federal hate crime - and we needed just 1 for it to pass.)

I left this comment elsewhere (known Trump-loyalist/white-Christian-supremacy promotion) to educate the uninformed, after they called George Floyd, "Fentanyl Floyd" - while his memorial service was going on.

I reposted it because of typo, as I'm working tonight, as I typed it hurriedly. 

In fact there's probably still typos in it, because I didn't spell check, nor even read it, after the retry -  I had to hurry back to work.  I just caught the important dosage error/miswording, after initially pasting it here.  

However, worrying about perfecting my actual work, instead of perfecting my comments, has historically been an unforgivable sin and "proof" of the lower intelligence of women, at this site lol ;)  

Regardless, considering the track record, I'm fully expecting  the usual snickering like 10-year-olds over even the slightest misplaced comma - because missing the actual point and bigger picture is a common ailment among Trumpers - as is using the tiniest flaw as "evidence" of their natural superiority over anyone not a white male ;)

Speaking of their propensity for using and twisting the tiniest human imperfection as "evidence" of the "natural inferiority" of anyone who isn't a white male?

See my comment below.

Please Note:    I also need to point out that for privacy reasons, I never input my current working email address in order to comment at this site.  It's  a rarity if I ever do comment there (or anywhere, really) - maybe twice a year, there.

Instead, I use an old, defunct Time-Warner cable address I had from 2012-2015, when Spectrum Cable bought Time Warner Cable. At that time, my email address was changed from a TWC address to a Spectrum address. There was some overlap allowed for a few months, but it expired, and I'm not sure what they did with the old TWC address upon the changeover.  

Regardless, I no longer had access to it after 2015, and additionally, we no longer even have cable TV since 2017, we stream TV.

Thus, if you receive any actual email communication from that old TWC address?

It's not from me. 

I need to state this because interestingly, about 2 years ago - just about 3 weeks after I commented there using that  defunct TWC address that I no longer have access to - I began receiving alerts on my credit report that the defunct email address was found on the dark web.  In fact, I still receive these alerts, every 3 months or so.  The last one I received was in March 2020.

Now, that could be just coincidental timing, and actually may be Spectrum's fault, for not deleting entirely all of the defunct TWC email addresses after their buyout/changeover and closing all TWC accounts in 2015. 

Regardless, I'm not taking any chances, at this site ;)

My comment ...

Note the "nanogram" amount- a nanogram is 1 billionth of a gram.

Also note that Norfentanyl is typically administered via a transdermal (skin) patch designed to administer the drug systemically over the course of several hours, i.e. a Duragesic patch -which is legally prescribed by a physician.

Fentanyl is used every day in routine procedures like endoscopies to avoid discomfort and undue physical stress, at average dose of 50 mcg per procedure - I know because I transcribe them every day.

About 1:10,000 people die during them, every year, typically due to bleeding from a perforation during the endoscopy - not the patient being on Fentanyl.
(In fact, that is what Fentanyl is for - to ease discomfort and pain, to help avoid blood pressure increases and undue stress on the heart and lungs). 
Mr. Floyd had only 11 nanograms of pure Fentanyl in his system - which is 1 billionth of a gram of Fentanyl, as well as 5.6 nanograms of Norfentanyl (a metabolite of Fentanyl, likely administered via a pain patch).

Otherwise, I'm wondering how they got a toxicology report so fast, when even Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, and Prince - who lived and died in Minneapolis, mind you - took 2 weeks?


The answer to that last question is likely why Floyd's family hired an independent forensics MD to examine the body even before that report even came out - they suspected a snow job would be coming, as I did, and I suspect they're right.

Particularly because when the report did come out, they didn't bother to delineate that such a tiny amount of Fentanyl is typically associated with a transdermal skin patch, nor explain how they were able to obtain a toxicology report, though toxicology reports typically take at least 2 weeks after autopsy to confirm -  even for famous people - including Prince, who lived and died in Minneapolis, himself. 

In other words, Mr. Floyd had a combined total of about 0.0067 micrograms of Fentanyl in his system - when it takes 50 micrograms to sedate an average-weight human for a colonoscopy.

Thus, these trace amounts would likely indicate the Fentanyl in Mr. Floyd's body was likely at least partially administered via a transdermal (skin) patch - legally prescribed by a doctor.

Fentanyl patches typically aren't sold on the street - because they are slow/controlled release and therefore aren't enough of a dosage, all at once, to get you high.

Additionally, the drug is a sedative, designed to help you deal with pain - which results in decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure, and less stress on the heart - so it is unlikely Fentanyl contributed to his death, especially in such small amounts.

Further, as I said, Fentanyl is a sedative. Therefore, Fentanyl being in his system would make it less likely he was combative, not more.

In fact, the only thing illegal (besides weed, in some states) on that toxicology report is  methamphetamines - and even that wasn't a large amount.

Even if he was addicted to drugs - which this preliminary toxicology report neither proves nor substantiates - then he would be even more deserving of our compassion and in need of help, not less.

Regardless, he did not resist arrest and he did not deserve to pinned down, crushed by a knee at the neck until he was unconsciousness - after he told them he couldn't breathe, several times.

He did not deserve to die - especially in that manner - over whatever was or wasn't in his system, nor using a counterfeit $20 bill.

Racists/White Supremacists?

I know you're desperate to justify the unjustifiable, to victim-blame George Floyd in his own death - so that you can justify your loyalty to Trump and your own racism and hate.

I know that you don't care about being socially responsible, nor is it of any apparent concern to you whether the propaganda you're spreading is true and factual - you just want to win - to get what you want, at whatever cost to others.

However, it still might be wise to think more before you speak/spread dysinformation - if for nothing else, you're not persuading anyone, especially right now.

In fact, talking out of your arse, like that, only makes you look more ignorant and worse than you already do, right now. 

Love and Kisses, 


As for me, at present, the George Floyd memorials are now going on - and I can see that despite his death unifying most Democrats and Republicans alike, the empathy-challenged, hate-filled racists and Trump loyalists are still at at, out in full force, disrespectfully peddling their hate propaganda more than ever before - truly having earned their "deplorable" monikers.

I really don't want to spend my weekend defending a dead man who cannot defend himself and shouldn't need any defense - we all saw what happened to him was unwarranted and unjustified, from every camera angle - so the only reason anyone could possibly still be doing so is simply the color of his skin.

I don't even want to view hateful propaganda, right now,  from clearly horrible people, with no manners, integrity, or character whatsoever - whom likely, no one at all will mourn when it's their turn, including a bevy of commenters, who clearly only comment for the sake of political influence, rather than personal concern for either the blog owner or each other.

Consciously dishonest in their methods, they try to upset and provoke people at vulnerable times, creating strife, confusion, doubt, turmoil, and chaos - like little demons.

They try to instill fear, anger, hatred in everyone else, until everyone else is as miserable as they are. 

Making themselves feel superior  is the only thing racists/white supremacists can feel besides fear, anger, and hatred - and feeling superior is the closest emotion they will ever feel to joy.

Human relationships are nothing more than a series of transactions - a life of back-scratching, obligated loyalties, manipulation, and insincerity - it must be exhausting. In fact, I'd pity them, if these behaviors weren't so potently toxic.

And yet, such people still incredibly call themselves my "Christian" brothers and sisters, though devoid of even an ounce of empathy or compassion for other people.

They imagine that claiming they are Christian somehow entitles them a superior status, wealth, political power, and license to say and do whatever they like to others.

They have completely missed the point of Christ's message of love and mercy for all all humanity, entirely.

(If nothing else, you'd think they'd be scared about how Trump has just proven he handles even peaceful protest like a communist - exactly what they feared Obama would do - but that, too, is also lost on them.)

Thus, in honor of George Floyd, it's radio silence for me through the weekend  ...

PS - First, note how they've changed their tactic - it's no longer "Fentanyl Floyd," --- it's now  "Poor Floyd the counterfeit ring murder victim." - LOL!

Suddenly, they are full of pity for "Fentanyl Floyd" as being murdered as part of some crazy conspiracy again - isn't that sweet? ;)

And when caught in spreading dysinformation - again -   they just roll on to a new one to try to distract from the blatant lie and BS they just tried to sell.

(The Trump-supporting/racist right-wing set really think their own voters are that stupid that they won't notice, their propaganda is really more of an insult to their own's intelligence, than it is us lefties.)

Without any proof whatsoever, of course, just Twitter comments and "articles" from people no one's every heard of, also talking out of of their arse.

Like I said - they are relentless in peddling fear, doubt, wild speculation, outrage, hate, and trying to provoke others - without even a pause of prayer or paying respect to the deceased - even during the man's memorial services. 

(As a Christian, prayer, tears, and showing love is all I've done, this past week - you can read every post for proof.)

I didn't say anything else, I just needed to point that out about the trace of Fentanyl for others reading, in case they didn't know that about Fentanyl and the amount - many don't. 

Yes, it grows tiresome being that kid that points out how emperors aren't wearing clothes all the time, but somebody's got to do it - or history keeps repeating itself, over and over again. 

Lastly, speaking of racists and white supremacists and their political enablers - although I have been immensely proud of Lexington, both police and protesters - the same is not true all over the state. 

In fact, though the US Senate needed just 1 more vote to pass the House's anti-lynching bill into federal law - it was our Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, who actually voted "no" yesterday, on making lynching a federal hate crime, single-handedly blocking the bill from passing it into law :(

The newer bill now includes not just live people, but effigies of live people.

Rand Paul was all for this bill, until the lynching effigy of our Kentucky Governor, Democrat Andy Beshear, last month  -  which is why Rand Paul now opposes it, you see ;)

No, Rand Paul - there IS no moral gray area on vigilante public lynching, live person or effigy  -  it IS a hate crime and a threat, under any circumstances - period.

Not to mention, Mr. "Tea Party" - vigilante public lynching negates the due process of law found in our constitution.

If you all want to say and do dastardly political and legislative things, fine - but please stop using Christianity as subterfuge and stamping Christ's name for authority on nasty things you just want to say and do yourselves - things that have literally nothing to do with Christ or Christ's message.

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