Friday, June 26, 2020

The Trump Administration Just Asked The Supreme Court to End the ACA/Obamacare Entirely ...

... in the middle of a health pandemic.

This would end healthcare coverage immediately for 22 million people - mostly the middle, working, and poor classes.

AND - there's no replacement plan.

Why, you might ask?

Well, they're giving some excuse about those with "temporary" insurance paying more out of pocket, which actually doesn't affect a lot of people. 

The main issue with Obamacare, which was the tax liability for not having insurance, was ended by Congress already, so what's the problem? 

I suspect these are the REAL reasons: 

1.  The insurance companies are taking a profit hit due to COVID - which they would be doing anyway, with or without Obamacare - in fact, healthcare costs and out-of-pocket costs for plan members would likely be almost double without Obamacare.
Meanwhile, Texas - famous for being Trump supporting and in denial about COVID-19 -  has now paused its reopening  due to a resurge of COVID-19 cases, per the Republican Governor. 
It's pretty clear that Trump is in deep denial about the resurgence of COVID cases, considering he just blatantly lied to America on Twitter, saying COVID cases are way down and the lowest mortality in the world LOL.
Now, as yourselves - why would the Trump-supporting Republican governor of Texas lie about that?  
Answer:  He wouldn't. 
2. It has Obama's name on it. Even though most people can't even remember why they (were manipulated to) hate Obama, they support it simply based on that alone. In essence, it's a last stitch panic effort for popularity with Republicans, that will likely backfire, as over time, especially during COVID, more and more non-shareholder Republicans have become glad we have it.

I didn't know you could just ask the Supreme Court to rule on/overturn something, can you? 

I ... guess we'll find out. 


We love money too much.

(And you know what Jesus, Paul, and everyone else in the New Testament said about THAT, Fellow Christians.)

Again, I have been poor and I have lost or nearly lost the people I love due to health issues - and if I have to choose between money or health - I choose health.

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