Monday, June 1, 2020

"...But Some More White Dudes Are in Space Again, So It's All Okay " ;)

... or is that 'FAKE NEWS!' too?  ;)

My husband and I just keep saying the above, at random times, just to keep our sense of humor in all of this lol.

(It's a reference to the Gil Scott-Heron poem, "Whitey on the Moon" from 1970,  found in this post.)

Don't get me wrong - I love space missions - but I think both the timing and billions of public and private money being spent on this are both beyond inappropriate, and frankly, absurd - and you know how irreverent my sense of humor can be with the absurd ;)

I also don't care for the distraction-tactic effort either, thanks - sorry, but not all of us are easily distracted by flying, shiny metal objects and technology - and considering current affairs, I think it's clear we Americans have distracted ourselves long enough from the reality of racism in this country. 

So when do we say it?

Anytime, but some examples are after someone says something like ...

"I have to go back into the schools to work again, on Monday, despite still not having enough PPE and testing, and people are worse than ever about not respecting social distancing ..."

"But whitey in space again, so it's okay." 

"So ... Louisville's still on fire - along with just about every other city in America - curiously only cities where police forces didn't support/join in the protests like Lexington and some other cities did. "

"Whitey in space -  all is well."

"I love Andy Beshear, but caving in to pressure from McConnell and Trump to call in the national guard - instead of just encouraging Louisville cops to handle it like Lexington cops  (see below post) - HUGE mistake ..."

"... because the Louisville Metro Police Department and the national guard just shot into the crowd, killing a Louisville restaurant owner, then FINALLY fired the Louisville Metro Police Chief."

"Had they fired that a-hole 2 months ago, when Breonna was shot - or even a week ago, when the protests began - we wouldn't even be here. Then Louisville added insult to injury by not encouraging their cops to actually join in on the protests like Lexington did."

"But whitey's in space again, so it's all good."

"Jobs are being cut all over the city and state, and there's a rumor public schools are next ..."

"Whitey in space - no need for alarm."

"Okay ... but earth itself has just broken into pieces, the bowels of hell are exposed, and the hounds of hell have been unleashed onto all of humanity! ..." 

"Oooh, but look - SpaceX Dragon is so shiny!  Racism? What racism?"

"Our omniscient, omnipotent white benevolent patriarchs are flying above us, as we speak, and in control - praise be to Trump!"

(Okay, nobody actually said that last one - I just wrote that to crack myself up and to stretch my point out past the already inherent absurdity, for people who still don't get it. ;)
Or last night, when hanging my plants back up, when my husband came home from the store, he was talking to a different neighbor in our building about all of this. 

I just shouted down from the balcony, "But ... but ... you guys ... what are you worried about? Some more American and Russian white dudes are in space again, so it's all good."

Everyone laughed - mission accomplished.  

Thank God everyone in my building (but not all buildings in this community) shares my opinion and already know and get my smart-ass, absurd sense of humor ;)

Exactly what message are we sending our young people, here? 

"That's right, little boys and girls watching from all over the world - dream all you want, but the fact is, 50 years later, if you're not a conservative-Christian, wealthy, white male from the U.S. or Russia - you ain't going nowhere!"

Sorry, I can't help myself - I am chronically that kid that can't keep from containing myself from saying, "What are you all talking about... you know dang well that emperor's buck nekkid!"

Because some stuff just seems so obvious to me, but I have to remember, most people either genuinely don't see it, or they like enabling and pretending along that Emperors wear clothes ;)

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