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Sunday, June 14, 2020

See? Even Josh Gates Shares My Love for Bollywood Movies :)

Even though I've mentioned the only two things I'm snobby about are film and architecture (because I figure if you have that kind of money, do it right) - but I love Bollywood movies, people singing and dancing at random, even inappropriate times - I can't help myself.  

For those unfamiliar,  Josh Gates is our new favorite American-du-jour, courtesy of his "Expedition Unknown" Series on the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel, where Josh Gates travels the globe full time, seeking treasures like Indiana Jones, and is also a part-time paranormal investigator.

He geeks out over history, archaeology, and spiritual as much as we do (he has a degree in Archaeology) - and always with a culturally respectful, ever friendly attitude, a big heart, and goofy/corny/funny deprecating sense of humor :)

Indiana Jones, or even Anthony Bourdain, he ain't - but still lovable nonetheless.  

(In fact, I can't see either Indy or Tony breaking out in Bollywood dance  :)

I hadn't seen this episode before, but it made me laugh - and lo and behold, Josh Gates jumps into the dance - and he even got a little rhythm, who wouldda thunk it?  :)

Without further ado, I give you Josh Gates' Bollywood dance ...

(Go Josh, Go Josh, Go! Go! Go, Josh!)

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