Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Got Mask?

So our masks arrived.  My sister-in-law has a logo company, and she made some cloths masks with logos for us!

Mark has his beloved Michigan State Spartans logo on his - and though she does have both my UK logo and Kentucky Wildcats logo -  I chose instead a flying pug in a cape because he was irresistible lol ... Super Pug!

Flying Pug to the rescue! 

I won't put her company name on here for security reasons/an untrustworthy reader (the same reason my comments are closed) -  but what you CAN do, is if you want one with the logo of your choice on it - text, email, or call either myself or Mark and we'll put in the order for you.  The cost is $16.50 before shipping.

The actual masks come in white, grey, and black, and as far as logos, she has all the sports teams - NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, you name it - as well as others -  like Flying Pug, that you see on me :)

And just an FYI, here's some instructional photos on how NOT to wear a mask lol ...

My brother-in-law teased and said, "Is that how y'all wear them in Kentucky?"

Yeahhhh, buddy - we don't know no better, 'round these parts 


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