Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Yellowstone Season 3: We Received an Invitation to an Advance Virtual Screening and Panel Discussion for Tonight?!? :)

So ... I'm not sure how I got this (I must've signed up for access at Deadline magazine, a while ago, and viewed info about Yellowstone there, last fall) - but Deadline just sent me a pass to virtually screen the premiere episode of Yellowstone Season 3 in advance  - TONIGHT - and view a panel discussion afterwards, with a Deadline interviewer and Kevin Costner!

Thank you, Deadline!

(No, you can't ask questions and bug the actors -  you just watch it and and view the interviewer/panel discussion lol)

I thought it was a prank/scam, but it appears we were just confirmed in, so we'll see?

We sent the link to a couple we know that loves the series as much as we do!

My husband is more excited than I am! lol.

Happy Early Father's Day gift, honey!

(Though I had nothing to do with it lol)

Regardless, the official season premiere is Father's Day, June 21st, at 9 p.m. EST on Paramount (or Amazon Prime pay-per-episode/season after air date).

I wrote a little blurb about this show, last year, for those unfamiliar with the show - it really found its footing mid-season 2, IMO.  

And if you don't have Paramount, you can purchase per episode or full series through Amazon Prime after it airs (which is how we do it, as we don't have cable and Paramount anymore, we stream ;)

Here's the official Season 3 trailer, with Josh Hollaway (Lost, Colony) as Beth's nemesis-potential-love-triangle-problem?

LOL, Beth - "You are the trailer park, I am the tornado."  

Yep, that's probably accurate about Beth Dutton, in general lol.   

(You do NOT want to piss off Beth Dutton lol, she's probably the scariest member of the family.)

Lastly,  the Yellowstone theme song, which IMO, is like the best series theme song out there currently ... featuring Montana itself as a main character :)

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