Friday, June 12, 2020

Just Being Neighborly - Happy Ending? :)

So first you have to read 3 posts below, the "Just Being Neighborly" post to get this one.

So interestingly, while Mark was holding our door open, fighting with a trash bag (lol), we hear this cheerful "Hellloooo" - from way down the hallway.

I come to the door (because it was really loud) and Mark pokes his head around and guess who it is?

It's their late-teenage daughter - the one that at least smiles back at us sometimes - now saying hello to us :)

We yelled the "COVID Hello" back :)


Not always, but sometimes people DO respond to kindness and being neighborly :)

I told Mark this and he said I got lucky, this time, most people won't - if people look and act rude from the start, they usually stay that way, and being kind only irritates them, they think you want something:

"Try saying hello and being kind to rude people in Detroit, in the city OR suburbs, we're just raised to distrust people anyway, especially if they're rude, doesn't matter what color we are or faith we are.  They won't soften, they'll shoot you in the face for even talking to them, "Why the F are you smiling at me?" lol. 

LOL, ptttthbttt, nonsense - well, at least not everybody, I'd say :)

And don't let him fool you - he's very kind to strangers, too, he just judges quicker.  If they're rude from the get go, he won't shoot them, but ya know, a Detroit "eff off" works for him ;)

(I might eventually tell them that too, but not before a few tries at kindness - it takes me longer lol.)

However, I have learned, since my youth, that about 85% of the time, in this day and age, kindness and mercy can build bridges and helps cure most wounds :)

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