Sunday, June 21, 2020

How to Watch Yellowstone if You Stream TV...

So, we stream and thus do not have cable/The Paramount Network, and Yellowstone is an exclusive deal with Paramount and won't be available on Netflix or Hulu anytime soon. 

You may have noticed that although there is a Paramount Network Channel on Roku/AppleTV/Amazon Fire TV/DirecTV Now,  etc.; unless it's part of your streaming-service subscription, you can only watch on-demand episodes of certain shows, and it takes a couple of weeks to months to see the latest episodes.

Thus, the way we watch is pay-per-episode/per season at Amazon Prime, available immediately after the episode premieres.

Also, there's a brand new option - Yellowstone and Paramount just partnered with NBC to also be on NBC's new "Peacock" channel - which will be available for streamers July 15th.

HOWEVER, there is one exception - if you have Ixfinity Streaming, you can watch it now FOR FREE on NBC's Peacock Channel. 

If not, NBC's Peacock Channel will otherwise be available on Roku/Apple/Amazon Fire streaming on July 15th, ranging from $4.99 to $10.99 per month for the channel, depending on your region. 

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