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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

PS - Deadline Yellowstone Virtual Screening/Discussion Panel: Are We Webcam COVID-Hair Rejects? :)

So ... as you know, I rarely post selfies.  However, I'm not sure if we're going log in for video for this thing or not. I think we just watch this thing? 

I ... really hope not, because we both have COVID hair. With the pictures to prove it!

(No, btw, that is not a bald spot on me - that's my extremely gray roots on top.)

Just in case, we just took these to see what we looked like on Webcam, all COVID-ed out.

Yeah, yikes.

However, I may make the one with Brookie my profile pic, just because she actually held still for a photo - who wouldda thunk it :)

They may be too grainy, though.

Okay, so just logged in - here's what it looks like.  Looks like no video on our end, but you CAN ask the interviewer question to ask Kevin Costner, once they arrive at 8!?!

So cool!

Update:  8:01 - so nothing's happening.  Our friends got a confirmation but can't get in.

God, I hope it's not a phishing scam lol.

Deadline mag does have a legitimate Deadline virtual screening, though. 

 Update - 8:07 - It's started! 

It appears to be Season 2 Finale, I guess a recap before the premiere. (I hope) Hmm ... 

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