Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Yellowstone Screening/Discussion Panel Was Legit - And Kevin Costner Answered My Question!!!


This is a screen shot of Kevin Costner ANSWERING MY QUESTION!

First of all - God, he's handsome.  

Secondly, I'm not sure if this link will work without the invite (like I said, some friends couldn't access it) - and you have to use Chrome or IE or Edge - but if you can access it, my question is the very last audience question of the Q&A session, which occurs after the show - at about the 1 hour and 14 minute timestamp.

*You have to be using Chrome or IE to open (though Safari from an iPhone seems to work, too) *

(If the link doesn't work, the interview and Q&A session may be up later on YouTube, under the Deadline Virtual Screening/Discussion Panel series.)

Before I asked a question, I had three goals:

1)  Don't sound like a crazed fan and ask a stupid starstruck question that fans ask him all the time, like about Dances With Wolves or something, instead of Yellowstone.

2)  Don't sound like a Kentucky Hillbilly. 

3)  And above all, you should NOT, under any circumstances, mention that you once had THIS poster of him in Bull Durham on your wall in college in 1988 ...


So, I decided on the following. 

If you can't see my typed question, here's a close up - it's a writer mindset question lol ...

If you can't view the video in the link above, and it's too small to read, I said: 

"Hi Kevin - Considering the characters are so complex, and there are no clear "good guys," what do you think the appeal/connection is for the audience?"

There was only a certain amount of characters allowed in the question, so that was it, and the Deadline Interviewer added to it a bit, asking:  "Why is this 'destination appointment' television?"

Kevin's answer was a GREAT answer, it hits the nail on the head and ties into current events as well, I think.

This is my meantime transcription of his answer, as I can still play back the video, at present. 

"I think people enjoy watching a level of dysfunction, they enjoy watching really outrageous things coming out of people's mouths at a critical moment. There are moments in time, we wish we were saying what these characters were saying."  
" All of us are confronted with daily issues that we kinda have to walk away from, and it's only in walking away, we decide what we wish we would've said, to somebody who really deserved it."

"And in Yellowstone, we actually get to say things that I think people wish they could say to somebody else. I think one of the reasons why maybe Yellowstone has caught air is that, you know, we live in a world where, when we have problems, people turn to their lawyers to solve it. We turn to our agents to arbitrate a problem, to PR people to try to clean something up, when there's really nothing to clean up; when really, in our own life, I'd like to confront the person who's really bothering me personally."

"I think we put so much distance between being able to find a level of justice that we feel is appropriate for somebody who's really bugging us."

" And to be honest, I think people would really like to arbitrate their own their own problems, so when we see somebody like John Dutton, arbitrating his problems, sometimes we can live vicariously through people like that, and we think, "I wish we could do that" or "I wish I could do that." "I wish I would've said that, I wish I would've smacked that guy myself."

"So, I think that Taylor 
(Taylor Sheridan, creator/screenwriter, "Sicario," "Hell or High Water," Wind River" ) captures that level of escapism, but it's tapping into a nerve, where we wish we could solve some of our own problems, it might feel really good. To tell somebody who's been bothering us, really, what time it is. "

Btw, I realized later they never said "advanced" screening - it WAS just a screening of the Season 2 Finale, rather than the Season 3 premiere, which was fine by me (it was a great finale) - and Kevin Costner answered my question and I can die happy now! 


I still have no idea how I was selected to get an invite, I didn't enter any contests or anything?

I guess it was just random, after signing up to get access to Deadline articles and search terms.

Either that or my brother-in-law, the Senior Accountant for Universal Studios in LA, had something to do with it - but I doubt it - especially because Paramount and Universal are rivals lol. 

I've never won anything in my life (well, besides when I was 12 years old, a bit part in a movie, which ended up being more of a curse than a blessing ) - but never any contests or sweepstakes or drawings - this is a first!

Thank you, Deadline!

Thank you, Kevin Costner!

You made my 2020 :)


Update:  So, after sharing the link to the video with friends, some ladies at my work, and Mark's work -  Fayette County Public Schools, Central Office, where it made the rounds very quickly - the consensus was the following  ...


1.  From the ladies - "My God, he's STILL so hot."

2.  From the men, "How can anyone still look that good, at 65 years old - especially just sitting around his house during COVID?  Bastard." LOL

3.  "That was a great question!"  (Whew, thank God lol.)

4.  "Yeah! Go Kevin Costner! I LOVED his answer!  It's true!"

5.  The cat. walking around in the background, was the real star lol.

Most importantly, anyone who has not seen Yellowstone yet is now going to watch past episodes and watch the premiere on Sunday :)

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