Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Russian Bounties: "Trump Didn't Find the Multiple Intel Reports Credible"

So, first Trump says he was never briefed about them, now he says multiple intel reports of Russian -pay-for-kill bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan "weren't credible."

Oh really?

And you thought things like Pizzagate and Joe Scarborough murdering a political aid instead of dying of undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy were credible enough to tweet about? 

LOL.  Oh, Lordy, my sides hurt.

I think the reports need to be investigated - which will now be difficult to do, considering it's public knowledge - but don't make me say "I told you so" again about Trump.

Because I said in October 2016 that I had it on very good authority - an atypical phone call from someone we rarely heard from -  warning us not to vote for Trump (we wouldn't have anyways), because Trump DID collude with Russia on the election.  The call sent chills down my spine.

I said this back then, and kept saying it, despite what happened legally and congressionally over it due to politicization of it - because we trust this person's intel. 

Plus look how Trump continues to prove it by being too soft on Putin and turning the other way on his travesties and terrorism.

I already get an "I told you so" about the level of racism still in America, and that he was fanning those flames, despite being accused of "hating my own race" for saying it in 2016 and that it was my PTSD that kept me from seeing Trump clearly - but I refused to back down. 

PTSD doesn't typically make you delusional - it makes hypervigilant/hyperaware - you often notice things others overlook. 

Though being able to say "I told you so" is validating and proof I'm not as "crazy" as some people wish I was (only the gaslighting sort, of course) - when it comes to things like this, I really hate it when I'm right :(

Because if true, not only does my heart break for those soldiers, but this is war-starting stuff, folks - but I'm in hopes of stronger sanctions instead. 

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