Friday, November 6, 2020

Wow, People are Cray Cray, Right Now, Here In Kentucky ...

So I had to go out to the walk-in clinic this late afternoon (just another UTI) ... and though I'm in an exam room with the door shut, I hear someone screaming at a nurse through the phone (I'm not sure if she was on speaker, I don't think so, actually). 

After a few minutes of trying to calm the woman down, the nurse just started yelling back. I don't really blame her - the woman wasn't listening to what she was trying to tell her.  

From what I could gather, though I couldn't actually understand what the screaming women was saying through the phone, it was apparently about some lab results that were positive, but the woman thought they should be negative (my assumption was it was COVID testing because of what the nurse said).

The nurse kept saying, "Well, we can leave a message for the nurse practitioner, but all we have is the rapid.  We told you that when you came in and you choose to proceed. I'm sorry you don't like the results, but that is what they are.  All we have here is the rapid, we don't have percentages for you.  You won't get the results that quickly if it's the regular version.  If you think it's a false-positive and you'd like the non-rapid test, you'll need to see your regular PCP and the results will take a few days to come back.  What else can I do for you today?"

More screaming, so the nurse just repeated what she said above, until she was yelling back.  Then the woman asked for her name and apparently hung up.

(At that point, I was super glad I was wearing an N95 mask, let me tell you, because I'm assuming that was a COVID test and the screaming lady was positive!)

Then, as we're leaving, we pull up to a red light, and this guy in a MAGA hat pulls up alongside us with his window down.

 Man in a MAGA Hat: (Yelling) "Hey, are those masks so big you can't see the gas pedal!  It's easy, just push it down, you f*ckin' retards!"  


Me: (Waves):   "Okay, thank you! God bless you anyway, sir!" 


Man in MAGA hat:  "F*ck you too, sweetheart!"


I guess he thought I was being sarcastic, rather than meet hate with love, attempting bless those who curse us like Christ said - plus it just throws people off , when they're expecting  to provoke you into a fight, but you bless them instead lol. 


Then I just cocked my head to the side, like, "Really, with that?"   


I turned back to my husband - and we just looked at each other, laughing, and rolled up the window, the guy still yelling and cursing.  Hilarious!  lol.   


Believe me, my husband usually isn't a slow driver - it's just  he was just listening to me about what the nurse practitioner said, and what happened on the crazy phone call I overheard - so if anything, it was my fault.  

GEEZ are Kentucky Trumpers full of hate right now, or what?

Wow, if Trump loses, I'm half afraid Kentucky's going go violent nuts, they're just a hair away from it already!

(Well, Trump did tell them to "stand back and stand by," at the first debate - and we knew beforehand he wasn't going to concede regardless.)

 And they said we reacted badly when Hillary won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college,  and we don't even know who won yet, sheesh!

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