Friday, November 13, 2020

Election "Fraud" Claims: Suburban Trump Karens VS. Karma (Also Named Karen?) :)

(PS Added, edited for typos/clarity) 

I just read some complaints from a few of the affidavits that the Trump campaign collected, according to the National Review (who received copies from The Blaze)The National Review, of course, is a conservative publication, started by famous U.S. Conservative, William F. Buckley.  I've also read complaints at other sites, both liberal and conservative.

Erm - these seem to be claims of mostly white suburban Trump women of "feeling outnumbered" and "mistreatment" by Trump poll workers by non-Trump poll workers - they are NOT voting irregularities.

(And I'm pretty sure the Democratic poll worker in hiding, right now, after being threatened with his life has his own story to tell about "mistreatment" and "harassment" could file an affidavit of his own - but even his affidavit wouldn't be a "voting irregularity," either.)

I am NOT saying mistreatment or harassment is okay, on either political side - but those are NOT voting irregularities.

I also am NOT saying that SMALL pockets of voter fraud didn't happen - on either side politically, with personalities so inclined.

What I AM saying is that filing affidavits to the Trump campaign about "feeling outnumbered" and "mistreated" may warrant an investigation into better working conditions for all poll workers -  on both political sides - but they do NOT constitute "evidence of voter fraud" - which is why Trump's lawsuits are going nowhere.

I am also saying that even if every single one of these voter-fraud accusations were true, they aren't widespread and very small - and thus not likely enough to change the  outcome of the election.

Again, we're still open to the idea that there was voter fraud, as Trump keeps claiming without evidence (which he has said before, during, and after both elections, including a task force in 2017 that he had to dismantle himself because there was no evidence of illegal voting fraud) - but we have yet to see even one piece of credible evidence that there were illegal votes and voter fraud. 

And the videos I've seen?

Well, the poll worker who supposed threw away a ballot was investigated, and it was found to be that he was doing exactly as instructed - he threw away the ballot instructions, which some people accidentally mailed back along with the ballot - he was NOT throwing away the actual ballot itself. 

Other videos I've seen aren't proof of anything - like the video of two men not in uniform picking up ballots and placing them in big canvas bags and putting them in an unmarked van that went viral.

Erm - FYI for idiots and other gullible people who don't do their homework in favor jumping to conclusions which support what they already want to believe ...

Here in Fayette County, at least, our 7 official ballot drop boxes were provided, monitored, and ballots were collected directly by our county clerk's office/election officials - who don't have or wear uniforms -  then postmarked by USPS.   (In fact, this is specifically why we chose the county clerk's drop box rather than a regular USPS box.)

Once again - as far as I am aware, here in Fayette County, our county clerk's office/election officials do not have or wear uniforms.  

Most importantly, note that the two non-uniformed men on that video neither broke in to the box, nor did they take the whole box  - they clearly had an actual key which opened it!

Even if it were the USPS collecting them, I can see where not wearing uniforms and being in an unmarked van would be wise, so not to draw attention to themselves, to avoid thieves and/or harassment from bystanders, so I don't blame them - as long as they had an actual key. 

Putting them in large canvas bags probably isn't the safest way to transport them, no, but that's actually what USPS uses to collect regular mail, plus I've seen plastic bins without lids for our group mailboxes at our apartment community, too.  

I'm not sure if the people sharing these videos are really this gullible and stupid themselves, or they just think/hope that we are lol.

Regardless, I haven't seen one video that shows what the click-bait title says it shows and that can't be otherwise explained and were legitimate  - plus they were all investigated, in these mostly Republican-administration states, who pretty much came to the same conclusion - they are proof of nothing and the videos do NOT show what the click-bait titles say/match the accusations.

If anyone has any credible evidence of actual voter fraud, rather than "they treated me very badly/they were mean to me," in true Trump fashion, we'll be happy to review it - but no one does.

Speaking of which, after reading many of these, they actually sound like a bunch of true Karens  - a "Karen" meaning a falsely entitled, over-privileged, bored, never-satisfied, gossipy, judgmental white woman from the suburbs, who complains to management over the tiniest slight - who are just mad they didn't receive special treatment and special poll-watcher/observer conditions, as white suburban women showing up to poll watch in inner cities.)

I recall being asked privately not to talk about the election anymore by several Trumper friends on Facebook (I'm no longer on FB, btw), and even some liberal friends who kowtowed to the others, and asked to post about "puppies and kittens" instead, to help unify - even posting to that effect  - and a couple even called us "snowflakes" and "whiners" and told us to "Suck it up, Buttercup - are you triggered?" and "get over it" publicly on Facebook -  just because we were still talking about the election loss on Facebook  - literally two days after the 2016 election.

I responded by posting a YouTube clip of the absurd song "Springtime for Hitler" from the musical, The Producers - and encouraging my liberal friends to "Dance with me, fellow peasants!  We, the court jesters, are being asked to entertain Trump Nazi royalty, and should comply! Dance, peasants! " LOL

It's no secret that I'm outnumbered as a liberal here, in Kentucky, as well as where I grew up (suburban Cincinnati) - and this was my way of making a joke out of the pressure to post about what the Trumpers stated they wanted to see (and those trying to kiss Trumper butt).

Well ... I thought it was hilarious, and so did my small group of liberal friends - not so much my Trumper friends (the ones who even understood the joke).

Needless to say, I'm no longer on Facebook, and I now have maybe two Trumper friends left lol - and I'm okay with that, actually :)

Not to mention, that was only two days after the election - and never were any lawsuits filed, Hillary conceded, and Obama turned over the keys to the White House shortly thereafter.

Though I'm NOT going to do the same and bully back/call names for people being sad or mad over the election, because I know what the loss feels like.

And that is because though I'm sometimes a smart ass, I'm still an advocate for basic human common decency, maturity, sympathy/empathy, and being the better person :)

However, I will say that this is more proof that bullies - when not projecting their own issues onto others entirely (no truth whatsoever in what they're bullying about) - otherwise often actually bully because know they struggle with the same issues they're bullying others about  - only 10 times worse, desperately trying to deflect attention off of it ;)

And I will add, speaking of Karens -  maybe this is karma for Karens - and that karma itself may be a Karen - because she's a real bitch, too, isn't she? :)

(However, Karma Karen is more fair and righteous, in her justice,  than a bunch of bored, wealthy, overprivileged, never-satisfied, judgmental, gossipy suburban white women, I'm sure  ;)

PS - 

Right after I wrote this, AP announced that the Trump legal team has withdrawn from Trump's Pennsylvania case, I guess the Georgia by-hand recount was completed (?) and Georgia was called for Biden, and we already knew Arizona was called for Biden this morning, and North Carolina was called for Trump - all three states will now need to be certified. 

That should end it.  

Trump Republicans, keep in mind that these were 3 separate states with Republican-led administrations and bipartisan election officials. 

Thus, there is no way all of these people - including registered Republican officials, many of whom supported Trump - would be lying on behalf of Democrats, I'm sorry. 

Whatever dubious deeds were done - IF there even were any - were clearly not widespread, and not enough to affect the election outcome - it is what it is, and Biden won - period.

And it is time - way past time - for Trump to concede. 

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