Monday, November 9, 2020

McConnell Calls Biden's Win "Preliminary," But Accepts GOP-Only Senate and House Wins - From the Same Trump-Contested States!


Does that make sense?  

No, it does not.

Besides 'talking out of both sides of his mouth'  - and despite what the headlines of some press on both sides are saying -  McConnell actually neither supported nor contradicted Trump's accusations - he just said Trump is within his legal rights to sue if he wants (it's true, Trump is) - and that he's going to wait until the legalities clear before he congratulates on a presidential win. 

McConnell's tricky with his words, like that,  choosing his words overly carefully, formally declaring essentially nothing, so that nothing sticks to him publicly.

In fact, the Chief Swamp Turtle apparently only came out of his shell to deliver that nothing-burger statement because of GOP pressure.

Do you see why I love my Senate Majority Leader from our State of Kentucky, Mitch McConnell?

(That is, of course, sarcasm.)

This is how he's survived all of these years - say very little in public, in front of the camera or giving speeches/town halls, preferring to do his dirty work behind the scenes. 

People just vote for him here solely based on being a Republican - many couldn't even recognize his voice if they heard it, despite his voice being very distinctive - because they've never actually heard it - that's how little he speaks publicly here.

And if any of you watched the debate with Amy McGrath (which many didn't) - she actually spanked the man, it was a total embarrassment for McConnell, how unprepared he was, how he lacked a response at all on key issues - but very, very few Kentuckians actually watched it :(

As far as cheating, America - what makes you so convinced that only Democrats cheat? 

Just because Trump says so without evidence?

I think that's incredibly gullible and naive. 

How can you be certain that Trump isn't the one bluffing/conning/cheating and trying to steal this election with all these frivolous lawsuits? 

The truth is - you don't know that. 

I mean - it's actually possible cheating could happen on both political sides, in different regions, by personalities that are so inclined, despite the political hat they choose to wear?

In fact, when you have reached the point where you believe either only Republicans or only Democrats are capable of cheating, you're the most in danger of being blindsided by someone dishonest within your own party - and the most at risk of having developed a cult-like belief system and mentality.

In fact, though I like Biden, I'm still open to doubt and possibility he's not squeaky clean - because I don't trust any politicians, especially at that level. Thus, I read both liberal and conservative press - and I haven't found anything too concerning with Biden, yet, and there is zero proof that any of Trump's accusations about Biden are true. 

Actually, according to my research, I've actually found the opposite to be true - in most cases, Trump's accusations are actually more true about himself, than Biden - thus, it's pretty clear Trump is projecting/deflecting.

And I don't think all Republicans are dishonest cheats, I know many good, fair Republicans - but what is true is that none of them support Trump, and I could've guessed that didn't, before they told me - because they're sane, fair, honest, and not racist lol.  

However, Trump Republicans are different - they don't seem to mind cheating and corruption, as long as it's a Republican doing it and as long as they win. 

I'm not trying to stereotype them all, but it seems they're eager to stereotype themselves, molding their identity into one single check-all-the-boxes nationalist identity - it seems they're actually eager to stereotype and pigeonhole themselves there. 

Thus, they are, at the very least, suspect of being somewhat dishonest, considering what they've gone supported or looked the other way on, agreeing with and believing every little thing Trump says. 

HOWEVER - we still can't stereotype them all - despite their best efforts to stereotype themselves :)

In fact, it may not be that all Trumpers are cheats/cons themselves- in fact, I believe that most everyday Trump supporters have just been manipulated emotionally (mostly through fear) and developed a cult mentality about Trump and honestly don't notice/don't believe anything negative about Trump almost out of emotional reflex, out of leader/celebrity worship (idolatry?).

Regardless, even if everyone that supported Trump were the latter, remember, just like Hitler with his propaganda against Jews -  at some point, the demonization of anyone non-Trump will stop - and you may find out that most of what accuses others of, he's often guilty of himself, in projection/deflection. 

In fact, we've seen so much proof of that already, many times - he projects all of his own proven inappropriate ties with Saudi Arabia (Prince Alaweed admittedly bailed him out of bankruptcy - twice) --  China (he admitted to the secret bank account in China at the 2nd debate) -- Russia (hotel meeting with Trump Jr. and Russian officials) -- the Ukraine (ordered OMB aid money to be held)-- onto Biden, Hillary, and Obama, without an ounce of proof. 

One day, Trumpers - methinks in time, you'll regret/be ashamed of having backed Trump - especially my fellow Christians - to the point that you may deny ever having done so - even to yourselves ;)

However, maybe not - because like I said, the true test of cult mentality is continuing to support their cult leader until their own death, even when presented with indisputable evidence to the contrary - because the truth that one may have supported a monster is too threatening to the human psyche to handle - we saw that with those supporting Hitler. 

So ... which are you?

Trump loyalist, but still open minded to the possibility Trump is a corrupt, pathologically dishonest con and fraud himself?

Or cult member, who refuses to believe anything negative about Trump and dismisses it out of emotional reflex, but believes, without proof, that only Democrats are corrupt?  

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