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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Lighter Posting This Week, So Sending My Happy Thanksgiving Thoughts Now :)

Good Sunday morning before Thanksgiving, to ya :)

In addition to Thanksgiving, this week also kicks off the busiest season for my work - which is transcribing interviews for an NYC independent marketing firm between pharma companies, key-opinion-leader clinicians, and payers/insurance companies, trying to get their final opinions in on new drugs are either studied or launched in the coming year.

Only just now are the interviews coming in for COVID treatment - and NOT the vaccines, just treatment or prep - sorry, nothing you haven't really heard of yet, so no "scoops" on anything.  Truth be told, I couldn't tell you even if there was, but there really isn't anything that isn't already public news ;)

And though we won't be having anyone in house for dinner, I will be cooking for some neighbors - a father and his three sons, his oldest being both a stellar football athlete AND scholar - who was just accepted to Boston College, University of Virginia, and Notre Dame based on academics, now weighing which football scholarship offering is the best option for him, at these schools, and he will be practicing on Thanksgiving day, then playing the following day.  

This is also the neighbor I've mentioned is first cousins with Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor's boyfriend. 

And let me tell you something - this man is the hardest-working father I have ever known.  

He's a former marine, and in a addition to his regular job, is also a football and basketball coach at a local Christian school, and shares custody of his three sons with his equally hard-working and absolutely lovely ex-wife, who coparent the boys amicably -  and he still finds time to scrape the ice of the windshields of his neighbor's cars before we wake up, and drops off firewood for us, like a secret Santa lol.

He does everything he could possibly do for his boys, running himself ragged, and he will have no time to cook, nor will he get to have his normal Thanksgiving with family, this year, as both he and his ex-wife do not want to risk COVID, with so much on the line for his son.  

Since I always overcook anyway, I am happy to make sure he and his boys, and his ex-wife, if she would like,  get a good, hot meal on Thanksgiving and share what we have with them :)

Now, I know that Thanksgiving, this year, is going to be a bit different for us all.  

And it's okay to be sad about that, to miss loved ones, feel a bit lonely - but that's the point, this year, the lesson.

It's times like these where we can't do what we want that should make us even more grateful for the good times, not taking them for granted, as we may have in times past.

And as someone once told me long ago, a though which got me through the darkest time in my life previously - never forget, as bad as you may feel and things might be for you, there is always somebody worse, believe me.

So this Thanksgiving, if you need you need to shed a tear for lost or far away loved ones, or more times past, do it - it doesn't make you weak or negative - it makes you human, and it reminds you not to ever take any of it for granted again.

However, when you're done shedding that tear, remember that things could always be a lot worse - so spend a moment in the spirit of Thanksgiving and grateful for those things, being grateful for what you still have, as well as being grateful and sharing the joy for good things that are happening to others   - believe me, you'll find more than you think  you do :)

Thus, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone - there's always light and joy somewhere, if you look - and if you look in the right places :)

If you're curious, here's what's on the menu ...

- Rosemary and sage brined turkey with cranberry sauce.

- Southern cornbread dressing/stuffing.

- Corn pudding (a Kentucky original).

- Brown-sugar roasted butternut squash.

- Green beans with bacon.

- Russet and sweet potato stacks au gratin.

- Pumpkin pie.

- Cranberry and brie tarts.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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