Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Struggling to Understand What's Going On in South Carolina, Right Now?

How is it the electoral college rep from South Carolina can call Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump the winners for the state -  when only 48% of the votes have been counted?

I thought the electoral college had to wait until the majority of the votes were counted before they called it?

Some reports of having to throw out at least 14,000 ballots because they had the wrong postmark and can't be traced or ???

Then again, I'm not sure how they can call anyone the winner, of any state, considering mail-in votes can still be counted in most states up to three days after the election if postmarked by today.

I understand how the electoral college works - but I have never understand how the reps are chosen - I mean, who picks these people, who are they, and how come we don't vote for them?

Welp, as I said, nothing surprises me - I fully expected Teflon Don to con and cheat, that's what he does and has all his life, and people keep letting him get away with it - nothing has changed. 

And the thing is, Trump has chanted about fraudulent voting and "rigged" elections before voting even began -  both in 2016 and now - so just like I said when he said that in 2016 - if it's rigged and as rampant as he says - what does that say about him winning, then?  lol

As for Lindsey Graham, he was trailing Jaime Harrison significantly, right up until yesterday, in the polls - but Graham ended up winning by 17% anyway?  Seriously? 

Not that I trust the polls anyway, considering what happened in 2016, but that's about a 30% difference between polls and actual outcome in that state for Lindsey, it's a bit odd.

If Trump does win, that's fine - we know what to expect from him, there's really nothing new he can do, we've seen all his tricks.

And the truth will eventually come out - the truth that we already know, but that Fox News, Breitbart, and QAnon people don't, because their news doesn't tell them.  

It may take a long time, even years, perhaps even after many of us have passed on, before it does - but it will.

Even still, some people will continue to believe propaganda without proof, but won't believe evidence right front of their faces - i.e., Nazis went to their deaths, even when caught later, without remorse, still believing in Hitler.  

Trumpers could read other sources and look at evidence, but they won't.

Just like the people who still believe the holocaust never happened, because they refuse to even look at the actual evidence - even if they don't trust historical documents and history books, they have the option to then go visit the former camps, talk with a holocaust survivor, or the American GIs who were there and freed the prisoners - but they won't - because it doesn't support what they want to believe.

Lots of people would suffer, many more would die from COVID - particularly hourly-wage laborers and the poor, who can't work from home, until the time when truth, fact, and evidence are valued again.

But their suffering will not be in vain - because you can only deflect and project your own misdeeds onto others with proof-less propaganda and hysteria for so long - you cannot suppress truth and change forever :)

And remember, though the Dark Ages set us back for centuries - next came the Age of Enlightenment - where we made progress double-time that which we'd lost :)

Then, we will look back in shame over this time in history, just like we did the Dark Ages after the Age of Enlightenment, or just like we do with Salem in 1692.

And it could be worse - because even though we're heading firmly in the direction of Russia and the Ukraine (because Trump's using communist-dictator tactics himself, but the poor idiots that vote for him don't even notice, because he's so busy deflecting and projecting "communist" and "socialist" labels all over everybody else) - the fact remains, were not yet - and people lived in those countries and endured much worse, for years - so if we had to, we would, and just carry on, as they did/have.

Regardless, I won't lose hope, I won't lose faith, and I'll keep speaking up and fighting for a better world and for what I know in my soul and spirit to be right - because I believe true sheep can easily tell the difference between their master's voice and the voice of wolf-in-sheep's-clothing in graven-image idolatry ;)

Ah well, if the wolf in sheep's clothing, using Christ's name as subterfuge to cover a multitude of sins,  wins again, despite what the votes actually were, at least we won't be as shocked/devastated - I just won't want to rehash it.

I mean, what does it tell you that I'm actually looking forward to going to my dentist, tomorrow, as a place to hide, rather than be subjected to any more BS about this election lol?

But I promise you, if Trump wins, and if any of the staff seems overly happy that (which I suspect most will not be), I'm getting myself right up out of the chair and walking myself out the door, considering I already braved COVID to even be there, which was scary enough! lol

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