Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Remember Wanda Dench, the Thanksgiving Grandma, Who Accidentally Texted Jamal Hinton to Dinner?

 You may remember Wanda Dench, the Thanksgiving Grandma, who in 2016, warmed our hearts, when she thought she was texting her grandson, but instead texted stranger, Jamal Hinton, inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner.  Jamal corrected the mistake, but then jokingly added, "Can I still get a plate, tho?"  lol.

Wanda told him he could, and that she was serious - come on for dinner - so he did - and they have had Thanksgiving together ever since :)

Well, some sad news on that front - Wanda's husband, Lonnie -  who always said the Thanksgiving prayer - passed away from COVID-19 this year :(

Wanda had a small thanksgiving this year, with just her daughter, grandson, and Jamal and his girlfriend - and a place set at the table for Lonnie.

Like I said below, no matter how isolated, lonely, bank-breaking 2020 may have been for you, there is always someone for whom 2020 was even worse. 

So get outside yourself - reach out to them, in some way, safely - let them know they're not alone?

Also remember that if someone else is experiencing good things, help celebrate and share in their joy :)

Either way, remember, thanksgiving isn't "all about us" - the spirit of Thanksgiving is about sharing what we have with others :)

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