Wednesday, November 4, 2020

So, My Husband From Detroit Nearly Just Did a Cartwheel: Michigan Officially Turns Blue for POTUS - Official Electoral Vote Makes Biden the Winner in Michigan!

I don't have a picture of it, but very nearly - and my husband also shouted a "woooooooooo!" so loud the entire apartment community could probably hear it.  (Which is okay, because all our neighbors in this building voted for Biden.)

Detroit was pretty amped for this election (as I posted about earlier this week) - and they voted like never before.

Trumpers, let this be a lesson:

1)  Dysinformation propaganda only goes so far - the rest of the country may believe it, but don't try to lie to automotive labor in Michigan themselves, about the tens of thousands of automotive jobs cut at GM and Ford that began 2 years before COVID.


2)  Don't encourage a terrorist militia to kidnap and kill a Democratic governor, simply because she temporarily shut down your state for 6 weeks!  LOL

PS - We are NOT claiming Biden won the election, by the way - we're still waiting to see - he's just happy that his home state of Michigan flipped blue :)

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