Friday, November 6, 2020

Oh, Ya Crazy Conspiracists - Separating Belief/Suspicion/Opinion From Fact


Ya know, I could just as easily falsely state my suspicion/belief/opinion as fact, like so many do, these days ... 

... which would be that the reason Trump wanted to stop the count is yet another attempt to suppress votes, because he knows that most of the ballots left are mail-ins, and that absentee/mail-in ballots are mostly Democrat, as we are the ones who trust science and our healthcare providers over politicians, and continue to observe social-distancing guidelines ...

... but the truth is, just like you, I have no proof either; thus, it is still just my suspicion, belief, and opinion.

And even though unlike your wild conspiracies, my suspicion isn't just pulled from thin air - it's at least based on Trump's track record of tweeting mail system distrust repeatedly -- and his his buddy, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy, was complicit, and was caught physically removing mailboxes and mail processing machines, actually having to testify before congress about it, promising to replace them (but never fully doing so) -- I still don't have actual proof of my suspicion.

Also, IMO, I personally think the most suspicious thing thus far is actually South Carolina's electoral college calling the state for Trump when only 48% of the votes had been counted, plus throwing out 14,000+ ballots that apparently weren't postmarked correctly.

However, do see us us accusing them of anything, making up our own conspiracy theories about it, suing people, and still bitching about it? 

No, you do not - the most we've said was, "Huh, that's odd.  I don't get what/how that happened."

Thus, I could just as easily falsely state as fact that the reason it's taking so long is because aliens from Alpha Centauri landed, took over the poll counting, and voted for Biden lol.

And no, as I showed you in my post two days ago, doing the electoral map count if we stopped counting then, Biden would've won - so, no - Trump was NOT winning before now - had we stopped the counting, Biden would've won, at that point.  

(If you think that, then you are just listening to internet dysinformation nonsense and clearly didn't do the electoral-college math.)

Also, Trump actually gained votes in both Nevada and Arizona, since the counts of mail-in ballots have been allowed to continue. 

Additionally, despite the state supreme courts throwing out Trump's lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan, Trump had a slight legal win in Pennsylvania, which granted the allowance of more "watchers" (as long as they weren't campaign members) to observe/double-check the counters - and yet Biden is now winning Pennsylvania nonetheless, so whatcha got now? lol

Also, note Trump isn't saying crap about Alaska, whose counts are still out, too, because he's winning by a long shot, even though it's the same issue, mail-in ballots being counted.

Seriously, people - just because you believe something strongly, it still does not make it a fact - you still have the burden of proof. 

So let's all stop trusting our suspicions, fears, beliefs, and opinions as actual fact, when they are not, shall we?

All of us, on both political sides, could speculate all day, but none of us know or have proof of anything - let's stop trusting our own biased suspicions as "proof" of anything - because it isn't.

Lastly, according to the NYT, most of the mail-in votes left to count are from overseas military (and I'm sure they're not the only state doing so) - our overseas military, more than anyone, deserve to have their votes counted!

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