Saturday, November 21, 2020

I'm Just Going to Say This One Thing Only About Residual Election Concerns ...

(*Edited - census bureau figures from added.)

If you haven't noticed, I haven't mentioned the election fight much, because I figured I'd just let it play out legally, fair justice or not.

Considering there's not been any evidence - well, that hasn't been investigated that turned out to be not at all what the "headlines" and captions on videos claimed they were - I figured Trump would eventually hang himself.

Especially considering there are Trump-supporting Republican election officials, circuit and federal judges, in many of these states, and accusing them of fraud/rigging/corruption wasn't exactly the smartest way to go.

Local people know their own better than Trump, and they don't much care for federal people accusing their own local Republican officials of fraud/rigging/corruption, nor calling even their local Republican officials who supported Trump (until now), "RINOs" and "CINOs."

In fact, what I predicted would happen has mostly happened - - because without legitimate evidence, Trump has lost over two dozen of his legal cases thus far.

Again - I am NOT saying that there aren't small pockets of election fraud, on BOTH political sides, actually, by personalities so inclined, but they are usually ferreted out by others in the community immediately, and are typically not widespread, and are thus not likely to affect the outcome in the larger election.

However, with regard to being down to the final wire, here, on certification, with just a few areas left, here's a novel idea - once again, why don't we return to trying to use our independent, critical-thinking skills and basic common sense, for a change - thus allowing me to say this ...

If you're a Trump supporter, you might be interested in the following census bureau figures regarding the black populations of the counties that Trump is still contesting,  not even counting those self-identifying as biracial ...

Detroit (Wayne County) - 82% black. 

Atlanta - (Fulton County) - 54% black. 

Philadelphia (Philadelphia County) - 42% black. 

Milwaukee (Milwaukee County) - 27.2% black.

Therefore, if you truly believe these final 4 areas of contention - with clearly higher-than-the-national average percentage of black people (also registered as Democrats) when compared to most other US cities  - would ever vote for Trump instead of Biden, would ever need to suppress the small number of votes that did arrive for Trump, or would ever suppress their own voters? 

Then you really are living in your own little world, and perhaps on another planet, and are in dire need of getting outside of your own little over-privileged, likely suburban or rural white community bubble, as well as you perhaps might be in need of antipsychotic medication and/or cult deprogramming? lol.

Instead, consider another possibility - that the voting suppression efforts going on might actually be instead from their accusers, trying to find more ways to silence their voices and votes? ;)

Because as sane, smart people have learned, over the past few years, when it comes to Trump, the only thing he's king of is projection - projecting his own misdeeds/efforts onto others to deflect off his own  - in other words, when it comes to Trump, the smeller is usually the feller lol.

Regardless of how many times Trump loses legally, there will be those that continue to support him because that is how dysfunctional family/group dynamics work, according to systems theory in psychology ...

According to systems theory in psychology, truth and facts don't matter, in dysfunctional families/groups - they need to believe what they need to believe, regardless of truth and fact, to receive certain perceived "family" benefits still, however small ...

... because the alternative - that what they did, supported, enabled, or otherwise went along with -  just because more in the family group need to believe it, rather than truth and fact -  is simply too threatening for their psyche to handle ;)

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