Wednesday, November 4, 2020

With 270 Electoral Votes to Win, Trumpers - Erm - I Don't Think You Want Them to Stop Counting Votes

I'm not sure what Trumpers are complaining about, regarding not waiting until all the votes are counted - because this election, based on the electoral numbers, it's actually in their best interest to wait until all the votes are counted - but then I guess they haven't done the math (as usual).

I'm no fan of the electoral college myself (it's outdated, population concentrations have changed since our constitution was written and since new states were added to the union; plus I don't understand who gets to be an electoral college rep and how), but apparently, those saying the count should stop clearly have no idea of how this works or what they're talking about, because they clearly haven't done the electoral college math. 

Because if we called a win based on the electoral college already officially in - then Biden wins  (Biden's 227 existing electoral votes to Trump's 213 existing electoral votes).

If we stopped the counting votes for the uncalled states now, and the electoral college decided who won based solely on the count in thus far - then Biden still wins (see below).  

Okay, fine by me, Trumpers! I'm good with that lol.

HOWEVER,  I reeeeally think you want wait until all those votes are counted, for your own good?

Especially in states that have close races that are within 2%?

Seriously - it's simple, basic math, here - and if I was a Trumper, I'd be saying "Keep counting, count them allllll" - because that's the only way Trump can win!

I'm no math whiz, but let me help you ...

As of right now, as of 11:20 a.m. on November 4th, with 270 votes needed to win, the electoral college votes currently stand at Biden 227 VS. Trump at 213.

Still to go are the 8 states below, with the number of electoral college votes each state has (based on population), in order of amount of electoral votes:

Pennsylvania - 20 electoral votes.

Michigan - 16 electoral votes.

Georgia - 16 electoral votes. 

North Carolina - 15 electoral votes.

Arizona - 11 electoral votes.

Wisconsin - 10 electoral votes.

Nevada - 6 electoral votes. 

Alaska - 3 votes.  

At present, the following 4 states have 85% to 98% of their votes counted, and likely Biden:

Michigan           16

Wisconsin          10

Arizona              11

Nevada                6


                    43 additional Biden electoral votes.

           +     227 existing Biden electoral votes


                  270 total electoral votes.

At present, the following 4 states have 36% (Alaska) to 95% of their votes counted, and are predicted to likely Trump:

Pennsylvania          20 

Georgia                   1

North Carolina      15

Alaska                      3


                       54   additional Trump electoral votes.

             +      213 existing Trump electoral votes.


             267  total electoral votes


*HOWEVER* - the races are so close in these states (except Alaska), even the remaining 2 % of additional votes in some states could flip the script and how Trump could still win.

So either way, whether we just went with the official electoral votes already in - or if we stopped counting the electoral college judged the rest based on what's already in - that means Biden wins.

But hey, if you Trumpers really want to to stop it right where it stands, who am I to stop you? ;)

(Not the brightest bulbs in the box, though, are you, poor things? But we knew that already ;)

We shall see - North Carolina had already given mail-in-ballots until November 12th to be counted, decided before the election.

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