Friday, November 20, 2020

White Supremacy Flyers/Fliers Found Outside Lexington Homes

(*In the U.S., either "flyers" or "fliers" are acceptable spellings.  The articles I read on this subject from the LHL and WKYT channel 27 spelled them "fliers.")

This is actually the second time this has happened, the first was in August - and the white supremacy group "14First" has publicly taken responsibility for them.  

The fliers/flyers were left in varying upscale suburban neighborhoods in baggies, weighted with rocks, particularly in the yards of Jewish, Muslim, and black families ...

PS - By the way,  not related - two days ago, some white dude -  that doesn't live in our neighborhood - got out of his SUV, bypassed all our neighbors, and came directly to our door and knocked, without a mask - never going to our neighbors to knock. 

We don't know him, he doesn't live here, and he wasn't wearing a mask, so we didn't answer, and he left - without knocking on anyone else's door.   

It could be nothing, maybe even just sales - but again, he didn't go to anyone else's door, he just left when we didn't answer.

Whoever you are, even if good intent - if you're not wearing a mask, this door doesn't open - sorry.

It's funny, just a year ago, before COVID, had someone knocked on a door with a mask on, we would've opened it.

Actually, let me revise that - if you're wearing a mask or gator with some scary sh*t on it, which may or may not include MAGA-related stuff on it - this door doesn't open either lol.

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