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Friday, July 10, 2020

PS - Update on Mandatory Masks: Circuit Judge Orders Temporary Restraining Order on Governor's Emergency Orders

Kentucky making national news once again - and again, not in a good way - because a circuit court judge struck down the governor's right to issue emergency executive orders on health/safety protection, by issuing a temporary restraining order on Governor EO's  - on both the same day that the governor issued mandatory masks and the highest total number of cases and deaths in Kentucky yet.

From the LHL (link above)  ...

"A Kentucky circuit court judge issued a temporary restraining order Thursday against future executive orders related to the COVID-19 crisis, The Courier-Journal reported.
The order came in a lawsuit from Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles and the owner of an orchard and cider mill in Georgetown. Attorney General Daniel Cameron also intervened in the case in support of the plaintiffs.
Scott County Circuit Judge Brian Privett's restraining order lifts the restrictions Beshear’s imposed on 548 agritourism businesses registered with the state Department of Agriculture. Privett also ruled that before issuing new orders related to the COVID-19 state of emergency, Beshear must “specifically state the emergency that requires the order, the location of the emergency, and the name of the local emergency management agency that has determined that the emergency is beyond its capabilities.”

What this restraining order on the governor means is, if we continue this pattern where the numbers keep going up of both new cases and deaths, Governor Beshear can close nothing - he can do absolutely nothing about it.  

He can appeal to the President for help, but would be denied - because these are all famous Kentucky Trump Republicans that filed for the restraining order - and they believe denying it's as bad as it really is helps in-person voting for the election in November.

I have never, in my life - to include during Trump's entire absurd, irrational presidency - seen anything so politically selfish, just plain stupid, and dang-near suicidal. 

This is dangerous to public health - done for nothing more than political/election purposes.

Once again, people - I do not CARE what Trump says about COVID.  I do not CARE  what our Mayor says about COVID.  I don't even necessarily CARE what Governor Beshear says about COVID.

When did ANY of these politicians get their MDs and Fellowships in Infectious Disease and Epidemiology, or a PhD or MPH in Public Health?

*HOWEVER* - at least Governor Beshear was erring on the side of caution for our health and safety?

What excuse can the others give: "Waaaah, I can't go to a public pool?"

And any judge that would even make a decision on this yet, when we can neither definitively prove nor disprove whether these laws were effective health protection, leaves that judge suspect for political bias. 

However, since we've relaxed them/opened them back up, look at the cases and death counts rise in our state - that's pretty convincing evidence, is it not?

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