Thursday, July 23, 2020

Video: Portland Mayor Tear Gassed During Peaceful Gathering

See it for yourselves, on video ...

No one was rioting, it was a PEACEFUL gathering - ALL WEARING MASKS - in which the mayor spoke to crowd - who were literally holding yellow peace signs up - and (finally) publicly gave his public support to protesters.

Then the federal agents showed up and began shooting flash-bangs and tear gas into the crowd.  

Then mayor walked over to where they were launching the tear gas (in hopes of staving it off?), but they continued to launch the tear gas and flash bangs anyway.

What this Reality-TV show president wants is drama, to provoke violence and a war - for the tail to wag the dog.

To provoke peaceful gatherings into riots, so he can justify the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, by reversing the order of events.

The right to peaceful assembly is protected by our constitution - and this was clearly a peaceful demonstration that you can see with your own eyes.

Do NOT buy Trump's narrative that all, or even MOST, protesters are rioting and committing crime and thus need to be put down - IT'S A LIE.

If there is rioting now, it WILL be in self-defense - never forget the actual order of events.

As much as Trump has falsely claimed all Democrats, including Biden, want to defund local police (not true, and Biden is NOT in favor of defunding police) --
Trump sure is doing a great job of undermining and usurping local police authority himself, isn't he?

People, Trump's campaign website in 2016 clearly stated he wanted a federal police force from the get-go - did you all not read his platform before you voted, or you just read the part about anti-abortion/anti-LGBTQ marriage and signed up?

Though there have been some small pockets of violence (as there are at every protest, regardless of political side), the protests have been largely peaceful, as you can see for yourself on the video.

Again - if they riot now, it will be in self-defense - never forget the actual order of events, as we go along.

Still praying for you, Portland ...


PS - Also do not believe that any right-wing headlines that are saying riots happened because the Democratic mayor was there - like Fox News is reporting - THIS IS ALSO A LIE - as you can see for yourselves on video.

As you can clearly see, the mayor was initially booed when he came onstage (because he had been on the fence about whether to support protests or not).

HOWEVER -  the organizer spoke and acknowledged the mayor's mistakes, but said they were happy he was joining now and was welcome, and then let him speak - and he finally made clear he was going to join them in BLM protest and began chanting WITH them.

You can clearly see for yourself that the flash-bangs and tear gassing started AFTERWARDS -  though there was no rioting or violence at all - just cheering and chanting.

I swear, I think right-wing/White-House-controlled press spends all day and night trying to think of ways they can twist what actually happened to Trump's benefit  - just like government-controlled communist/fascist press. 

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