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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Antonio Taylor/Lexington's Fayette Mall Incident ...

The video is from last year - the original protest in February of last year (before George Floyd) at Fayette Mall, and original footage of the incident.

Check the video for yourself, beginning the 35-second mark - realizing that it begins with the punching already in progress, which quickly ends when they recognize they're being filmed.

I actually counted at least 4 punches, and that's after the filming began. 

All we know is that the policemen were at the mall, "working in an off-duty capacity" (whatever that means) and responded to a complaint call that several teenagers were "creating a disturbance/disorderly conduct."

The police report said the teen punched him (Stewart) - but no bystanders, including white mall staff, supported this version of the story. 

The policemen were not wearing body cams, so all we have is bystander video - and it's enough.  

Antonio was not armed, lying on the ground, squirming while the officers were attempting to pin him down.

 After already down and pinned -  Police Chaplain, Officer Donovan Stewart -  repeatedly punched 16-year-old, unarmed Antonio in the neck (at least 4 times, by my count). 

Afterwards, when the video is closer,  you can even see the black cop (standing) trying to pull Stewart's hands away/restrain him, recognizing Stewart is out of control.

Then Donovan stands up and physically shoves 2 bystanders trying to film it, who were already a good 6 feet away. 

Antonio Taylor is a 16-year-old honor student (3.8 GPA average), who had been officially diagnosed as autistic before this incident.

After Antonio's mother filed a lawsuit against the LFUCG Police, Stewart was since moved to a third-shift position for the past year.

He retired this week, six other white officers went with him.

That's fine.  Bye! Don't let the door hit you in the asses on the way out!

Additionally, the position of police chaplain has been closed permanently - which is a real shame, because I'm sure there are many others that could actually do a good job of being police chaplain :(

Then again - maybe you shouldn't have hired racist, power-abusing a-holes as your chaplain in the first place, hm? 

Now, "Chaplain" Officer Stewart is trying to sue protest organizers for 'defamation of character,' for repeatedly chanting his name during the recent protests. 

Yeah, um - good luck with that defamation thing, "Chaplain" Officer, Donovan Stewart - because we can all see what you did on that video - you, and your little corrupt cop cronies, are the only ones who can't.

And I don't care what that kid did, he was a 16-year-old, unarmed autistic boy, whom you already had pinned down, when you repeatedly punched him at least FOUR TIMES - out of nothing more than pure, unadulterated rage - and that is NOT okay.  

Then you physically pushed people trying to film it - and are now trying to sue them - are you kidding me with that?!? 

Guilty conscience, much? ;)

You're lucky they didn't fire your ass, immediately, and they just transferred you to third shift - and that you weren't barred from ministry/chaplaincy as well. 

If you want to sue me for stating my opinion of that video publicly, go ahead - good luck with that lol. 

Buh bye, Donovan Stewart - I will pray the scales fall of your eyes, real soon, so you can see this incident, and yourself, more clearly, Christian brother.

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