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Thursday, July 16, 2020

From Our Family Practice Physician's Office ...

Just sent this morning, via email  ...

(*The office name and contact information are blurred out for security reasons, due to past experience with the person mentioned in the post below. ;)

In other words, wear a mask or you won't be seen - no exceptions.

Note there are numerous physicians at my local doctor's office, who run the full range of the political spectrum - Democrats, Republicans (including Trump supporters), and everybody in between - and they all support the governor's mask mandate.

That is because not only do they listen to data and experts in the healthcare field rather than politicians, but because they see COVID with their own eyes everyday.

And additionally because the practice founder, Dr. Jeffrey Foxx, nearly died from COVID in March, only saved by volunteering for a plasma-treatment experiment, which is currently in fast-track FDA approval process for the treatment of COVID.

As a private-business practice, they have absolutely nothing to gain, politically or financially, by lying about an increase in new cases and deaths.

In fact, they are losing money due to COVID, and will lose even more money by requiring masks for service.

Which proves, of course, they have made the decision to put their patients' health and safety above both their politics and their money. 

(I wish everyone did.)

COVID is not a hoax and it isn't political.

Note the only people minimizing and denying COVID and making up conspiracy theories about it ARE politicians (and their puppet press and pundits) - not healthcare workers themselves, who see it every day.

That is because certain politicians want to keep you as in-person labor (without providing you with enough social distancing or PPE) on behalf of the corporations who finance their campaigns, as well as in-person voting for themselves - regardless of what's best for your health.

It is curious they tend to be from one political side, though - making things political that shouldn't be - isn't it? ;)

UPDATE:   7/17/2020

The Kentucky State Supreme Court placed a hold the lower circuit court's restraining orders on Governor Beshear - so for now, the mask mandate order still stands.

Additionally, we just passed our highest one-day total yet in Kentucky - 531 new cases, 8 deaths.

Simple pros and cons assessment ...

If you do believe in COVID and do wear a mask, and you're wrong -  the worst that can happen is - you look/feel foolish for believing it, and state/local government have temporary (and arguably unnecessary) control over your personal freedoms.

If you don't believe in COVID and don't wear a mask, and you're wrong - the worst that can happen is - you and/or someone you love dies from COVID.

This shouldn't be a tough choice, nor even up for debate. 

Additionally, you would think that those who are paranoid about government invasion of privacy would actually be reassured by the fact that the government actually WANTS you to wear a mask that covers your face - but, nooooo - lol

(You can't present logic to irrational belief, it only makes them angry - trust me, I know ;)  

In other news, the charges against the 87 "sit-in" protesters - 
including 2 reality TV stars and an NFL player-  for sitting on the lawn of Kentucky State Attorney General, Daniel "Uncle Tom" Cameron, have been dropped.

These were Breonna Taylor protesters, frustrated with no progress on the Breonna Taylor case, because Daniel Cameron has been spending his energy instead on either directly suing the Governor himself, or assisting other Republican lawsuits - over the Governor's mask mandates, prohibiting indoor/large-gathering Easter services, and other social restrictions (which have now expired anyway). 

They were like ...

"So, Mr. Attorney General ...  it's become clear that it's more important to you to sue/help your wealthy white Republican supports sue Democrat Governor over anti-public health beliefs, than it is finding justice for Bre as you promised?

"Oh okay - well, since you're denying COVID and have no problem with large gatherings - how 'bout 87 of us just sit right down on your front lawn and hang out with you - with masks on and facing forward rather than each other?

Maybe have a barbecue - "Hey Danny, want some ribs?LOL

I wouldn't have done that one, because it's private property, but I'm sorry - you gotta admit - it's kind of hilarious!

(And no, no one actually had a barbecue).

It really was simply a peaceful, good, old-fashioned, 60s style MLK "sit in"  :)

Cameron had them all arrested anyway, for not only trespassing, but "intimidating the legal process" - which is a felony charge.

However, he dropped all charges today, after someone pointed out  his hypocrisy in doing so - considering part of the lawsuit he has going against Governor Beshear, right now, is because Beshear forcibly quarantined for 14 days any social-distance-law defiers in early April - but he definitely did NOT actually arrest anyone, and certainly not on felony charges!

In addition to the protest itself, I also find his realized hypocrisy  hilarious!

Erm - Daniel "Uncle Tom" Cameron?

You know dang well white Kentucky Republicans are racist and just using you - they don't actually respect you, and you will fare no better than Uncle Tom did, in the end.  Look where Trump stuck renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson - over urban housing/HUD?!?

And you're for damn sure you're not winning any points with Democrats and other black people.

You're awfully young to commit career suicide - so I hope this was worth the few quick extra bucks you've made with your short-sightedness ...

Oh, what a world, eh? 

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