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Thursday, July 9, 2020

The RWD-14 Czapla :)

So, as mentioned below, I just discovered that my married last name/husband's family name of "Czapla" - Americanized to "Chaplow" - is Polish (Slavic) for "heron." 

THEN I discovered this interesting little tidbit - that pre-WW2, Poland had an air force aircraft in the 30s called the "RWD-14 Czapla" - or in other words, The Heron ...

It was designed and built in 1933, and by 1939 were used more for observation than battle, and were largely destroyed by the Nazis - with the remaining planes moved to Romania to incorporate in their air force.

The Heron - hilarious, considering my lifelong affinity for planes and birds, particularly the heron :)

Also hilarious because both Mark and I sometimes feel like outnumbered, beat-up, old, anti-Nazi/Nazi-resistance war planes, banished to (recuperating in?) Romania lol.

And one of my brother-in-laws said that the German definition of  a czapla refers to a sickle-wielder  LOL!

Thus, I combined the two meanings and said: "Good night, ya bad-ass, sickle-wielding, herons" lol. 

(Thank God they share my quirky sense of humor. Mostly. lol)


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