Thursday, July 9, 2020

Governor Beshear Just Announced Masks Are Now Mandatory in Kentucky ...


The last three weeks of May, new cases in Kentucky had gone down to under 150 a day and there were 0 deaths.

Then, lawsuits were filed, suing Governor Beshear for closings, he was pressured into reopening Kentucky nearly fully by May 22nd (although large indoor gatherings of over 50 people are still prohibited).

Now, we have been up to 300-400 new cases a day and 3 to 6 deaths, for the past 5 days - and our hospitals are again filling up with COVID hospitalizations.

Thus, Governor Beshear just announced that masks were mandatory for Kentucky, at his afternoon briefing. 

It would at least appear that states with initially low/moderate numbers of reported cases and deaths, but that reopened early (meaning they reopened before May 8th - Texas, Florida, Arizona) - are now in the top 10 for new cases. 

Additionally, these same states are also now in the top 25 states (the top half) of death numbers - the exception being Texas, whom despite being 3rd in the nation for new cases, has dropped their death toll again, just this week). 

These lists only show the first  10 to 25 states - so notice which states are missing.

The states that opened later/still have largely not reopened, (as well as their inhabitants were noted to wear PPE consistently from the get go/respected social distancing) - they are are near the bottom of both lists (not shown above). 

Interestingly, also note that states that made international headlines for large numbers at (outdoor) the BLM protests (i.e., Washington State) have not yet made the list as predicted they would - with the exception of the number of deaths in Washington D.C (but still have a fairly low new-case count).

I find this interesting, because their protests had pretty large numbers, and though most wore masks, some didn't - and they definitely didn't stand 6 feet apart. 

So ... is this because most wore masks, because they were outside in a well-ventilated area, or because the incubation period is longer, or all of the above?

Who can say - and yet, the numbers aren't what they predicted for protesters (at least not yet). 

So ... are we still hell-bent on suing governors and twisting emergency social-distancing laws put in place into "socialism" rather than public health protection?
Are we ready to stop looking at everything through political/election lenses and recognize the common-sense wisdom in closing up shop and respecting emergency social-distancing laws until things were healthy/safe?



Have it your way - but having to have things 'your way' isn't going so well, is it? 

Again, as my comments are closed, contact me email, text, or phone if you want to order one of these customized masks, with the logo of your choice, from my sister-in-law. 


PS - Despite hearing numerous complaints, I haven't said a word about this until now and I'm just saying it here. 

This morning, I heard someone giving the maintenance man grief about the pool not opening yet "Well, the mayor said we could reopen pools."


First of all, read your dang email, once in a while, geeeeeeez.

Because there are numerous emails from management, clearly stating the pool not being open is NOT due to social-distancing restrictions.

The issue is they are waiting on the health inspector and the pool inspector, who are behind on inspections after all the reopenings.

Therefore,  if management opens it before these inspections - which existed for years before COVID, mind you - they can shut down our pool all season.

Additionally, the rent portal - where people have made the same complaints - also states clearly that we're waiting on the pool and health inspectors - as well as that they are NOT giving rent reductions due to the pool not being open.

Some people can't even pay their rent (not us, we're good) - but you want management to take $200 off YOUR rent - because you can't use the pool???

We have several people of color in this complex, and note not a single one of them is complaining - it's 
only white people are complaining. Falsely entitled white privilege strikes again! 

To be honest, the pool is small and the fenced isn't very big, even the 50-person restriction would be too many people. 

If y'all are in such a damn-fire hurry to sit in a drunken COVID soup together, then there's a house, in the next neighborhood over, that has pool parties regularly, in their tiny back yard.

They also drunkenly set off illegal fireworks - every night for the past week - nearly setting their neighbor's roof ablaze.  

They sound right up your alley - go make friends with them lol.  

I guess I'll see you later - when we medical transcriptionists are typing/editing your hospital COVID reports.

Regardless, please stop bothering the maintenance men and management, and read your dang emails - as they've said several times, they're waiting on inspections.


- Yesterday, the Uber Eats driver, though very nice, did not just leave the food at the door after knocking - so when my husband, who has a health issue, opened the door, he was still standing there, not wearing a mask, and handed him the food from 2 feet away. 

Thus, here's what I did today -  I typed right on the "delivery instructions" ...

"If you you knock and leave the food at the door, as requested, you get the usual 15% tip.  

"If you are also wearing a mask, we will increase your tip to 20-plus % (provided, of course, food is also on time/correct)" 

"If you are NOT compliant with either, your tip will be revoked." 

"Sorry to be harsh, but my husband has a health condition. Thank you" 

Hey, I'm not playing - I want my family safe.

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