Saturday, July 4, 2020

Is Anyone Else Completely Creeped Out by These Government Fireworks Safety Videos? LOL

I can't find the exact video clip that I saw yesterday, on WeatherNation on Roku, but it was something akin to this one, also from WeatherNation, but the one I saw was even worse  ...

What. The.  ???

So ... two mannequins, with pleasant, wistful looks on their faces, are holding sparklers.    Nothing wrong with that, right? 

Wrong - there are sinister intentions afoot, here. 

Because THEN, the firefighter turns one mannequin until she's essentially pressing the sparkler firmly against the other's stomach for several minutes until her dress is on fire, as if she's extending some sort of a mafioso threat!?!

Again, What. The. ???

Actually, the one I saw was even creepier - a boy and a girl, with creepy smiles on their faces,  until the firefighter made the girl nearly literally stab the boy in the stomach with sparkler, like some psychopathic pyro lol

I called Mark in the room, and we laughed for like 30 minutes over how absurd and bizarre it was lol.

And it's always a girl doing the sparkler-stabbing, sometimes while the other girl mannequin is looking away lol ...

LOL - I think this last one is my favorite - it's more direct.

"Let's stab her directly in the uterus with a lit sparkler, until her dress burns off, but she's so stupid, she doesn't even notice, she's too busy waving at someone!?!"

What. The ???


Like I said, the one I originally saw (that I can't find again) from WeatherNation had a girl and a boy, but the girl was still the stabber.

Now, come on - even the videos shows it takes several minutes of holding the lit sparkler to catch the clothes on fire - and how much does that really happen, at least like THAT?

Now, don't get me wrong,  I know these videos are necessary for idiots with fireworks - and we've already had a record number of illegal firework set-offs in central Kentucky this year - and there's a reason why these fireworks are illegal, people.

Statistically,  it's the "Here, hold my beer, watch 'iss" white redneck sort, utter these famous last words just before their demise.

(In other words, Trump's remaining base voters, imagining it's their God-given and constitutional right to do things which are unsafe for themselves and others ;) 

And yet still, seriously - how many 8-year-old little girls, do you know, who would firmly press or stab their friend in the stomach for several minutes with a lit sparkler until they're actually on fire, with a creepy smile on their face? lol

And don't get me wrong AGAIN, because I appreciate our firefighting heroes - but I gotta say, these videos sometimes worry me more about possible pyro minds of a few Fire Safety Team members, rather than idiot rednecks with fireworks, I gotta tell you lol.

While I was looking, I then found this, which is the federal government's official fireworks safety video.  It's slightly less horrifying, but still ...

(My favorite is the guy using his head as a base for a launching firework.)

I mean, seriously -  are people really THAT stupid?

Who does that?!?  

(Well, I take that back - like I said, statistically, it's typically white rednecks AKA Trump's base - and who needed a video to know just how stupid the general public is, if you've been paying attention to politics the last 4 years?)

So these videos actually are necessary, because apparently, these things have actually happened.

Thus, the message I'm taking away from these videos is: 

A)  The general public really  IS that stupid.  

- AND - 

B)  We should perhaps be equally worried about the pyromaniac (and possibly misogynistic?) minds of just a few members on the Fire Safety Team, who just love to blow sh*t up?  ;)

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