Friday, July 31, 2020

"Troll Policy" and "Civil War?"

Oh, now I'm a troll, simply because I politely and sincerely asked (exact copies of my comments below) for a link to any data research that perhaps I hadn't seen yet on hydroxychloroquine?  

Lol, dohkay.  I mean, I've been called worse. 

Look, my request has nothing whatsoever to do with politics - has to do with public health.

COVID-19 is real and it is not political - it doesn't pick and choose who to infect based on political persuasion, skin color, gender, religion, or anything else - it doesn't discriminate. 

COVID-19 has only become political because political-minded people (and the overly paranoid) have made it political.  

Even if the conspiracy theories were true -  that there was some political group responsible for this virus - that would still not help us actually prevent and cure this thing.

That is why, IMO, it doesn't help to speculate about who to blame -  it's just not productive, it's wasting time and energy, which would be better spent on how to prevent and cure it - energy spent how to actually help.

Working in healthcare myself, I know that despite what press and politicians are saying, despite even what clinical trials are saying - doctors in the real world ARE willing and able try virtually anything to make their COVID patients better - including hydroxychloroquine.

In fact, here in America, there is no federal, state, or local mandate against using hydroxychloroquine - doctors are welcome and willing to prescribe it for you, if you want it. 

Again, the way pharmaceutical utilization works in America is, you often have to step through certain FDA-approved (which based on clinical trials and various infectious disease journals) and your insurance-plan-approved protocols first, regardless of public or private insurance, to get to desired drugs.

HOWEVER - all bets are off with COVID, because there isn't a true COVID-treatment protocol yet - there isn't anything else at all.

So you CAN step outside the box and try other things, when all else fails, and many doctors do - *with their organization's approval and insurance-plan approval.*

In fact, prescriptions written for hydroxychloroquine skyrocketed in March and April, but dropped sharply by May - NOT because of press or politics or even controlled clinical study data - but because it just didn't save as many people in real-world utilization, as they'd hoped.

It was effective in reducing the lung inflammation in a few of their patients, but not all, or even most - and the reason for that difference (possible subgroups?) is not yet understood; thus, the need for further study and clinical trials.

There's nothing "political" or "suspicious" about that - it's just real-world utilization of hydroxychloroquine has taught us  hydroxychloroquine hasn't turned out to be that blanket miracle cure, for  even most people, that we'd all hoped for.

Also, my interest is not only professionally, but as a Christian, I believe "loving my neighbors" includes getting the correct data-driven information for public health and safety.

That is the only reason I have commented there at all, which as you know, is a grand total of 3 times in the last four months, always about COVID.

FYI, usually, if I do look at your blog, I don't usually read it - I look at the comments bar, to see what people I know have commented.  

However, I read this post and commented for more info, because it was about COVID-19.

The fact that you were unable to provide that info doesn't make me look bad for asking for your data source - it makes you look bad for refusing that request, deleting that request, calling me a troll for even asking, and then saying you needed to remove it due to "Civil War?"

(Well, DR did later provide a link to white paper that actually provided no actual data at all - just a thinly-disguised smear-campaign of Fauci, which included a easily disproved misquotes and false accusations about his supposed past association with a 2005 study -  which he was not, and was on a totally separate virus, mind you - written by a small group of people whose spokesperson believes vaccinations are actually "demon sperm)" 

Clearly, the problem here is not even actually about politics, right OR left- the problem is about you as an individual. 

You want people - especially women - to just believe what you say as gospel truth without question, never disagree with you, and never ask for proof - and if they do, you label them "trolls" who are "attacking" you, especially if you don't actually have a credible source or a rebuttal -  and any disagreement becomes "part of the political civil war" to you.

Dude, the only "civil war" going on is mostly in your head, because you clearly want one in real life so badly.

But guess what?  

I won't oblige you - I won't be a part of anybody's "civil war," either real or imagined.

So have a good weekend anyway :)


PS - In fact, I just left a comment to the above effect: 
Well, I've been called worse than a troll.  But FYI, in all sincerity, this is where I'm coming from.  
Working in healthcare myself, I know that despite what press and politicians are saying, what even is the current advised official protocol for COVID-19 - doctors are willing try anything to make their COVID patients better - including still trying hydroxychloroquine.

So in fact, there ARE some doctors still trying hydroxychloroquine for COVID - they'll try anything to help their patients, especially if we don't have anything else. 

Unfortunately, however, in the real world, though hydroxychloroquine may help the inflammation in a few cases, it doesn't help in most or all, and they don't understand why that is, just yet - hydroxychloroquine just hasn't turned out to be that blanket cure people hoped for.  

I was sincerely asking for anything that you'd seen otherwise, but unfortunately you failed to provide that information, and the info that DR left was not data at all, it was on a study from 2005 on a totally different virus, falsely accused Fauci for being associated with it, and provided no new data on the current virus. 
This is not political - the only people making it political are political-minded people.
I'm sorry that you confuse anyone who questions you, asks for sources, or even politely disagrees with you is a "troll" on behalf of some civil war you have going on, mostly in your mind - perhaps wishful thinking?
Well, I will not be part of anyone's civil war real, or imagined.  
So have a good weekend anyway.

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