Thursday, July 30, 2020

In Case You Missed It, Let's Recap ...

For those who missed my final update to the post below, a link with source was finally provided under the social media post and comment.

The problem was, it directly linked to the white paper written by "America's Frontline Doctors"about whom I wrote a rather lengthy post about, this morning, before even reading and engaging in this nonsense.  

To recap, first and foremost, here is the direct link to that NIH hydroxychloroquine study published on August 22, 2005.

It was mentioned in white paper provided in the link by the commenter, published by "America's Frontline Doctors," which accused Dr. Fauci of being involved with the study, as well as previously agreeing with that study, back in 2005, but does not now. 

However, as you can see for yourselves:  

1.)  Dr. Fauci's name is nowhere on this study - as author, contributor, or study clinical staff - nor can you find any mention of him regarding discussion of that study in the Virology Journal, (or anywhere, anytime else, that I could find).

2.)  The 2005 study immediately and readily admits at the very beginning of the study that it was limited, because it was not performed on live people - just cells in lab plates and petri dishes.

3) Note the study was performed - on a completely separate virus. 

4) Lastly, note both the study's conclusion, and it's title, does NOT say hydroxychloroquine is a "cure" - even for that separate 2005 virus - it only claims it was "effective treatment."

That separate virus, from 15 years ago, was called SARS-CoV.

The current virus causing COVID-19 is called SARS-CoV2 -  which is a related, but completely separate and distinct virus.

Which means, essentially, their "white paper" not only failed to delineate this was not the same virus as the current one, but misquoted/misreferenced the hypothesis and conclusion of the 2005 study, as well as failed provide any other studies or evidence to substantiate their belief in the efficacy of hydrochloroquine against COVID.

In fact, this was not a scientific-data driven "white paper" at all, but thinly disguised an attempt at a written indictment for Dr. Fauci.

However, because of all the misattributions, misquotes, and misreferences of both Fauci and the 2005 study, it is, and should be, considered nothing more than what it is - an attempt to undermine, discredit, and defame Dr. Fauci's character via false accusation - and therefore could legally be construed as libel.

Regardless, again, "America's Frontline Doctors," is a small group of quacks, who are NOT on the "front lines" of anything - meaning not a single one practices in infectious disease, virology, epidemiology, emergency medicine, or clinical research, and do not practice at any accredited major university or reputable clinic. 

Even worse news for their credibility, their chief spokesperson - featured in the video Trump Jr. shared/was suspended from Twittter for - is Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Houston pediatrician -  who also moonlights as an evangelical pastor.

She believes in "astral sex with demons and witches" done without your consent and "demon sperm," as well as that immunizations are actually Nephilim demon DNA, disguised as treatment.

Don't believe me? 

Once again, here is one of Dr. Stella Immanuel's "sermons" on the subject.

Additionally, there was a small pic of a portion of someone's social media post that the blog owner posted in the post itself that we were commenting under, which quoted Dr. Fauci in Virology Journal in August 2005.

However, again - after a thorough search of Virology Journal in August 2005 -  though the above study is mentioned - Dr. Fauci is not mentioned or quoted in the Virology Journal, on or near that time. 

Thus, at this point, I have two choices as to what to believe about the people still trying to pass off this BS.

The first choice is that they really do suck at reading comprehension, cannot understand even the basics about scientific studies, and really are that stupid and crazy.

The second choice is that they think we are really that stupid and crazy, and that they can sell us a load of BS, and that we'll believe it -  just because a small group of people wearing labcoats in a video wearing said so - and that we won't vet any of their credentials and background, and/or actually read for ourselves the studies, while wearing our critical thinking caps, paying close attention to the details and differences. 

If it's the former choice - you're really that gullible, stupid, and crazy that you really believe this stuff yourselves - I don't know what to say to you -  but perhaps passing around information that you can't even read/don't understand yourselves isn't your forte.

If instead it's the second case - that you already know it's a load of BS, but just think we're that gullible, stupid, and crazy to believe you - I am happy to disappoint you :)

Also, if the latter is the case, I would really appreciate it, if you would stop being so deceitful, unethical, and dishonest, while in the same breath declaring yourselves Christian.

I really don't appreciate my Lord and Savior being even remotely associated with that kind of falsity and deceit, thanks, especially out of nothing more than your lust and greed for political control - particularly since Christ was "anti" all of the above. 

Regardless, as I said below, I've wasted enough time trying to make sense of crazy today, and I should know better ;)


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