Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Yep, I've Seen It :)

(Edited/PS added)
... the "mimicry" of me, we'll call it, elsewhere.  

I just saw it last night, but apparently it's been going on for a few days?  Or so I'm told :)

It's a pretty bad impression of me, I've seen better - much better lol.

That one should be labeled:  "Saying things to impersonate as close as possible, to create online confusion, but not close enough to get in legal trouble again." :)

(Well, to be fair, that particular "avatar" isn't JUST an impersonation of me, this time -  it's an amalgam of a few other Southern-ish bloggers that blogged in the old days, once upon a time.)

(However, I am the favorite target.  Aren't I lucky?)

Apparently, this person still has trouble getting it through their head that we don't spell the word "color" and "favor" with a "u," here in America.

They also manage to eff up even the most common southern expressions, as well as use British words and terminology that no American would ever use lol.

I wonder what it must be like to be eternally 13 years old and to live for nothing more than giving hell to/hating someone for THIS long?

Someone who did literally nothing to you initially, but catch on to your behind-blog BS and call you on it, but only when you tried to involve me in it, and I told you "no." 

Then, when you terrorized my minor-child daughter -  as a preemptive strike warning to ensure I stayed terrified and quiet - I then had no choice to but call police. 

I don't hate you, I'm not even mad about it anymore.

And I know you think I'm afraid of you, which is what you want, and I used to be - but now, I actually just feel sorry you.  

Because it's really kind of sad.  

I mean, know I don't have much of a life, but that's really no life at all, if you're honest, is it? 

I mean, think about it - this is your entire life. 

The only sense of connection with other human beings you will ever have is online, by pretending to be numerous other people - - desperately trying to hide who you really are.  I'm not sure you even know who you are anymore, do you?

Targeting hurting/broken/vulnerable people and giving insincere flattery and "emotional support" to hurting/broken/vulnerable people, in order to gain their trust and try to involve them in your BS, to keep yourself out of further legal trouble.

The only sense of accomplishment or pride you will ever gain, in life, is the fleeting sense of power you feel, either by fooling online people or terrorizing them.  

Even the two or three members of your online "pod" only speak to you because they're afraid of what you'll do if they don't.  

They may act like they don't know?  But they know, rest assured - they know - they're just terrified.  MOST people know, nowadays.

But guess what? 

I'm not vulnerable and broken anymore - and I'm not afraid of you anymore, and I'm not even mad - now, I sincerely think it's extraordinarily sad that you feel you have to do these things to people, that's no kind of life :(
So, having said that, I know we're all quarantined and you're bored, but you'll tire soon of trying to provoke me again, and thus go off to impersonating/stalking/harassing/terroristically threatening one of your 23 other online victims - erm -  I mean targets, soon. 

Do you have a list of your targets or something, that you go down, and check off, then recycle it, regularly?  lol.  

So what, you get bored with no reaction from one, go on to the next name on the list to see if you can catch them on a bad day?  lol. 

Or is the goal to get a reaction from one of us, so you get your bully fix, then move on to the next name? 

Either way, welp, there you go - allow me to help you out with moving along to one of your other targets again, by giving you that reaction you crave -  then hibernating/taking a break again for a few days.

Not because I'm afraid, but because hibernating always works - after you escalate to try to get a reaction, I give a small reaction, and then just stay silent.

Then you always move on to one of your other targets, because when I stop writing, you run out of material to impersonate.

For example ...

You said you just saw a hummingbird "the other day," too - on the same day as me?  

Southern manners of speech?  

Female-led bands?

Wow, what amazing coincidences - because I wrote about all 3 things, this past week ;) 

(Seeing the hummingbird on the same day as me is especially coincidental ;)

I'm - erm - flattered,  but you and your 'special friend' (cough, cough enabler/instigator/monkey-organ grinder)  should really find your own, original material. 

(Plus I've seen this movie at least 100 times already, and it bores me to tears lol.)

But you know what? 

Ultimately, you failed  - I'm still here - and you just can't stand it, can you? ;)

I have plenty of work to do anyway.  Catch ya later, all!  :)

PS - When I return, this post will come down - because I'm also tired of having to address this, when there are more important things going on in the world to write about. 

Plus I'm as happy as anyone can be, despite troubled times, so I also want to share the joy I have now, in the life that I have with my husband  :)

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