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TwinsTheNewTrend - Adorable :)

So I went to find a video on YouTube tonight, and saw what was trending, and found these kids and my heart melted instantly. I had somehow missed their recent People Magazine and CBS This Morning interviews, etc. - I just stumbled upon them on YouTube.

The gist is, Tim and Fred Williams are 21-year-old twins  in Gary, Indiana (near Chicago  an economically deprived, poverty-ridden, area).  

Until last year, they had only ever heard church gospel and rap/hip hop. 

Then, just about a year ago, when his twin brother went to college at Indiana State, out of his love of music, Tim decided to ask  viewers to give suggestions of songs they'd never heard, any genre they want, for his reaction.

So the draw is, we all love to see someone experience a song for the first time, hoping they have the same experience we had, when we first heard it :)  

As I've mentioned, I was initially raised in an evangelical family, so there wasn't much I was allowed to listen, or watch, as a child.  So on some small level, and for different reasons, I know what it's like not to be able to experience all music until later, too, boys ;)

In fact, one of my greatest joys as a parent, and some of my best memories, were of instilling that curiosity and love of all types of music (and movies) in my daughter :)

Being that I hadn't been allowed, as a child, I let her listen to whatever she wanted (well, as age-appropriate - as long as I listened with her, giving my input ;)

I loved introducing to her songs I loved, watching her react to it for the first time - it was like giving her ice cream for the first time lol:)

Back to the twins -  no matter what fans throw at them, Tim and Fred always find something positive to say about it :)

They're bringing joy and unity to so many people through music, right now :)

God, they make me feel so old sometimes, though - like that they had no idea what Whitney Houston even looked like lol.  

I have to remember, though, her hits all came out years before they were born, and they were only about 12 years old when Whitney died. 

They'd heard clips, people covering her songs, but never a full song from Whitney herself, and they didn't know what she even looked like!

What?  WHAT?  

How is that even possible?!? LOL

This one is actually probably the quietest you'll ever seen the twins - Whitney touched them :)

Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"

And when they DO finally speak, it goes like this: 

Tim (when she's singing a capella at the beginning):  "Why it sound like a Civil Rights Movement gonna happen?"

Tim:  "Damn, I didn't know she looked like that."

Fred:  "I thought she was like ... fat? She look pretty good!"

LOL!  Yep, not only did you have a beautiful voice, Whitney herself was beautiful, too.

All three of them, later, as the song escalates,  eventually changing to a higher key, 3 times ...  

"Oooh, goosebumps. Goosebumps!"

Yep :)

At the end, Fred says, "I feel like she's saying she loves ME." 


Yep, that's the way you're supposed to feel, with music sung or played from the soul :)

Or this one - this is first time Tim had ever heard a rock song - ever?!? 

(Well, that wasn't redone on American Idol, The Voice, Glee, or Guitar Hero - but he means the originals )'

Aerosmith - Dream On

Tim's like, "It's like .... the ocean, the waves ... I got goosebumps."

Exactly, Tim :)

Then when he gets to the "Dream On" part, when Steven Tyler goes high in falsetto, he's surprised by it :)

 "Jolene" by Dolly Parton ... hilarious - but they liked it! :)

"I love the story-telling behind it, too  ... her passion."

Yep :)

 "Don't do it Jolene.  Don't take her man! Her fate depends on you."


Although for the record, boys - although we love Dolly's singing of heartache, we can all identify with it -  nowadays, we ladies say: 

"No, girl, let him go, he's a loser.  Don't try to control it - him OR her - just let go, you can do better. You may not think you can, but you can, I promise.  You happiness does NOT depend on him or her, it depends on YOU")

There are many more reactions to Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jimmi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and many others on their channel which is HERE - TwinsTheNewTrend. 

***However, make sure you check all prior videos, because at this point, they've reacted to many classics. ***

They react to something every day, during quarantine, so subscribe, suggest a new song, or just give them your support? :)

But my favorite reaction thus far is Tim's reaction to John Bon Jovi's little opening-lyric spin in the video for Bon Jovi's "Living On a Prayer" ...


You think he's gonna pan it, but he loves it, imitating John's  little spin :)

OMG, they're adorable ... I just had to give them props for making me smile and tear up at the same time, the joy and unity they're bringing to so many people  :)

I think we may be seeing two new up-and-coming Pharrell Williams, in the making - mixing/sampling/producing music, can't you?  :)

Thank you, sweetnesses, my best to you - mwahhh xo :)



It seems that Tim, in particular, reacts to the lyrics, as well the music (like me, I react to both -  most people don't, it's often one or the other).

Though Tim has often said he doesn't discriminate,  female artists just don't tend to product the same emotional reaction in him, he doesn't always identify with what they're singing about..

HOWEVER - he DID connect with Amy Lee from Evanescence ... :) 

Evanescence - "Bring Me to Life"

"Man, you all didn't hear that song like I did, man. I hear her, it's about waking up, saving life."

Exactly :)

The song is about "numbness" - feeling so much pain/sadness/grief/trauma that you compartmentalize it, bury it, turn it off, and just go numb, just so you can still function.

However, it's at this phase you're just existing - you can't feel anything, anymore, even when you want to.  It's not that you're not suicidal, it's you just doesn't care whether you live or die anymore life has control of you rather than vice versa, and you can't figure out how to snap out of it - so you want somebody or something to just help you feel something again, anything - to care about life again, rather than just existing.  

You all feel that?  I bet more than most of us, with your history ;)

And that's the draw for us all to music - immersing ourselves in the connecting and transcendent healing power of music :)

Because music forces us to feel again, to care again  - it reminds us we're alive, and that we're all only human, after all    :)

Regardless,  by the second time Tim listens, he already knows who all the original band members are, including founders, Ben Moody and Amy Lee.  

(I feel ya, Tim - yeah, we're ALL waiting for Ben Moody to get his sh*t together and get back in with Amy Lee and the band, those two together made Evanescence magic - one is no good without the other, the magic was their co-creation together.)

In fact, this is the first time I've ever seen either of the twins actually tear up/cry ...

Evanescence - "My Immortal" 

"Her voice, is powerful, man, she's like poetry, man.  We say that all the time, but this is poetry, for real.   All her pain, you feel it, man."

If you liked that, Tim -  I don't see where you all have listened to Janis Joplin yet - so if I made a recommendation - it would be Janis Joplin :)

When it comes to women and rock, nobody else even comes close to Janis Joplin.

Though their voices are nothing alike, Janis and Amy Lee DO have one thing in common - the rare ability of a female rocker to make you feel your soul :)

Janis in particular, however, had a way of digging way down deep in her gut, the bottom of her soul, and just throwing it out at her audience, connecting with them in that way ...

No woman has ever even come CLOSE to Janis' ability to do that since - (all us women are too afraid to be called "dramatic" if we do lol).

I guess Ann Wilson from Heart probably comes closest, at least the earlier years of Heart - but STILL doesn't even touch Janis' ability to do that ...

Evidenced by the fact that having listened to earlier Heart, Ann didn't have the same effect on you, that even Amy Lee did ...

Heart "Barracuda" 

However, for you two - though Barracuda has one of the all-time classic-rock baselines (written by sister, Nancy Wilson) - I actually suspect you would've preferred "Magic Man" as your first experience with Heart :) 

Heart "Magic Man" 

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