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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Just Sharing Some Good News: Mark's New Position :)

As of about 30 minutes ago, my husband was just officially approved to accept a position with FCPS Data Team - which comes with a $22,000 raise, working from home whether COVID or not, coding with Sequel and data-mining/analyzing data (which he loves). 

Woooooo hoooooooooooooo!

We've had so many rugs pulled out under us, I was almost afraid to hope and believe in it - and I'll still wait until that first paycheck to be sure lol -  but it's official, approved by HR today :)

I am SO, so proud of my husband, having clawed his way back from a stroke 3 years ago, and the medical bills that ensued and raise-freezes, and all the trials and trouble in your his position - to get here

He's a wonder, my husband :)

I love you, Mark, I'm so proud of you - and this time, no "sure thing" rugs were pulled out from under us, at the last minute - it's a done deal.  

Your mother named you appropriately - you have lived up to your name, Mark Bryan ;)

(The name "Mark" is derived from Latin's "Martkos," meaning "belonging to Mars; a warrior, soldier."   His middle name, "Bryan," is Celtic for "strong and noble, like a fortress on a hill." )

And something else I just learned about our last name, "Chaplow" - I knew that it was changed from "Czapla" by Mark's great-grandfather, upon coming to America. 

What I didn't know, until today, is what "Czapla" meant - it turns out that "Czapla" means "Heron" in Polish!!!!!" 


That's is TOO funny, considering my affinity for herons!


  1. Thank you honey I love you too and we did this together :-)

    I had no idea my name had a celtic origin - pretty cool.

    Love that you found our last name means heron, we always finding them where we go and they are so cool to watch and I know how much you like them :-) They are very regal! If I go on about how cool herons are does that mean I think I am cool too?

  2. Well, you're allowed to toot your own horn after today lol :)

    See, I KNEW there was a special significance to Prince Harry the Heron at the park lake! ;)

    I love you - what a good team we make xo :)

  3. PS - 4 years married on August 6th, 9 years total together on October 26th - we've weathered much together, including the unthinkable, and are stronger for it - and it just keeps getting better and better :)


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